Amal and George Clooney spotted at Sunset Tower in Los Angeles 05.02.2016

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On Feb. 5, the Hollywood couple celebrated Amal’s birthday, which was on Feb. 3, with a party with Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford at Los Angeles’ Sunset Tower Bar.

The Sunset Tower Bar in Los Angeles

A beautiful place in art deco style.

official website

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During the birthday celebration, they enjoyed Casamigos tequila. Onlookers told People magazine that the four friends had a “blast” during the intimate party. Eyewitnesses also shared that George, Amal and their friends stayed at the said Los Angeles hotspot to enjoy dessert together.

It may have been Amal’s post birthday party, but the night ended with the Sunset Tower Bar’s kitchen staff receiving a gift. George, Amal and his friends had ticked off a box on the restaurant’s menu where a customer can opt to buy the kitchen staff a six pack of beer. However, instead of beer, they substituted it with a bottle of Casamigos tequila.

Style Files :

The pictures are so bad that I cannot really indentify Amal’s clothes.

Perhaps, she wore again this



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