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Amal Clooney could replace her engagement ring – 24.11.2015


Amal Clooney has been shopping in  jewellers Cartier for a platinum band which will replace her emerald cut diamond ring when she is working on serious court cases.

Amal’s engagement ring is a Harry Winston seven (or more)-carat ring. For me it was “the” engagement ring.

A source said: “Amal has told friends she wants a more understated engagement ring specifically for when she’s working on serious cases.

“People constantly stop her and admire it for a closer look. It is a massive rock and there is no hiding it.

“She absolutely loves the ring and won’t be getting rid of it but she just wants something simpler for her big cases.

“She’s been to visit Cartier and has requested a platinum band. George understands and is completely supportive.”

Source :

Finally we don’t know if she bought a new ring.

Harry Winston engagement’s  ring in pictures :

FullSizeRender (7) IMG_3741 FullSizeRender (8)

This Harry Winston engagement ring was sold on Sotheby’s  at the end of April 2014 and it is quite similar to Amal’s engagement ring  : “

Lot 439 – A Platinum and Diamond Ring by Harry Winston – is another important piece from the Eydie Gorme collection. The ring incorporates an emerald-cut, J-color, SI1-clarity diamond weighing 17.40 carats as its centerpiece, flanked by two baguette-cut diamonds. A pre-sale estimate of US$ 350,000 – 450,000 was placed was placed on the lot, which was sold above the upper pre-sale estimate for US$ 569,000.

More information :

The best moments in pictures

FullSizeRender (5) FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (4)


To finish if you want to get the look for less :

69 $

IMG_3751 IMG_3752 IMG_3753

38 thoughts on “Amal Clooney could replace her engagement ring – 24.11.2015

  1. I like Amal, but I must say that all this “to do” with her engagement ring is utterly ridiculous! Of course, wearing a 7-carat emerald-cut diamond ring valued at $750,000 to work (for example: visiting a client that is imprisoned in a maximum-security jail in an impoverished country) is absurd and impractical! Amal should know better! When George and Amal got married, they exchanged wedding bands (platinum bands with a diamond encrusted version for Amal); so why doesn’t Amal just wear this wedding band to work, and leave the Engagement Ring for her personal time away from work? Of course, George would understand, anyone would! So why all the fuss?

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    1. I had the same thoughts as you. I only wear my wedding band to work – it is a simple gold band that doesn’t interfere with my work.


      1. Nati, it Must be true. AC is pregnant, because Nobody Sees her and Takes Photos of her. Perhaps she is hiding. What do you think?


  2. I don’t blame her – I wouldn’t wear that ring at work either. Leave it at home (in the safe!)

    I don’t know why she needs a new ring though. The current wedding band worn alone would be great. And its the most cost effective. Seems counterproductive to spend more money on a new ring to avoid looking too affluent!


  3. Agree! “Why all the fuss”? 1. She’s more “not working” than in the courtroom working. 2. If you don’t want to wear a big chunky ring for certain moments, um– then don’t wear the big chunky ring. 3. If that’s the case, then why wear anything expensive at all (haute couture, runway, & designer) for that matter? 4. Like Dinah said, then just wear the simple band! 5. Why spend more $$$$$$$? 6. Everyone knows she has this Big Rock anyway, so why not just wear it? 7. It doesn’t look that big on the hand anyway. 8. If she does go for buying this “cheapo”, then who is she fooling? a. everyone knows she has the big rock anyway. b. everyone knows it’s just a decoy if she buys another. 9. Why the big production—why is this news worthy?
    Newsworthy is the sad attacks on Paris. Newsworthy is preventing future attacks.
    Newsworthy is stopping terrorist actions.

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    1. I posted it only for the pleasure. I think that her engagement ring is worth more than 7 carat. I would say 14 carat at less. The daily news are so tragic, but we have to continue to live free


      1. Jaclyn – you are so right. The world is in the biggest trouble right now. We can all be happy, when we will survive the acutal crisis without great losses of human beings. This Problem is a “luxury problem”. It would not surprise, if the News was invented by the tabloid.
        Just my opinion


      2. I think the issue is that you are repeating something from a gossip tabloid — Mirror.UK. Gossip tabloids make up the majority, if not all, of their “news.” None of us know if she is looking for another ring, and I suspect most of us do not care.


      3. Jackson, leave Nati alone! There have been precious few public sightings of Mr. & Mrs. Clooney recently. Wherever they are residing now, the Clooneys are willingly keeping themselves incognito. I’m sure that they go out all the time, but they (and their publicists) are not tipping off the paps first (as they usually do). Therefore, there is a scarcity of photos and news of A & G. This will not last for long. The moment A & G feel the need for some much-needed publicity, they will reappear in all their imagined glory, and their photos will once again be everywhere. In the meantime, Nati doesn’t have much material to post in her blog, so she has to make do with any little piece of news she finds about A & G. Nati does an excellent job with this blog. She is a real trouper!


  4. Makes sense about the luxury clothes as well- but a girl has to dress up for work- hers just happens to cost the same as some of our cars 🙂 I agree its not needed to buy a replacement she has the band if its a concern.. I think its very fair to say- THis is just a rumor and not legit news (until we see it) and even then- no biggie she is a BRIDE every BRIDE has the right to do want she wants as it pertains to her bling. Another note- I dont like the refreshed blog I feel like something is missing LOL Nat did it grow on you? MORE IMPORTANTLY – where is Amal lately?? we need to see if there is a BUMP or NOT :p


  5. Amal and George have not been seen in public in quite a while, how come? I’m sure that they are not hiding at home. Surely, they go out every day to restaurants, to meet friends, to work, to the theater, to run errands, etc. So, where are the pictures of these outings? This just confirms that when they are being followed by the paparazzi everywhere they go, and their photos are splashed all over, it is because they (Amal & George) or their PR people (at the behest of A & G) make sure to first notify the press of all the details of their whereabouts so that they get plenty of publicity. When they want to remain anonymous, Amal & George become invisible among the crowds.


  6. I can absolutely understand why she would do this. I also have a very flashy engagement ring which was chosen for me – I adore it BUT i receive comments about it almost every day and though they are usually kind…the attention can be a bit overwhelming and in some situations, embarassing or uncomfortable. I can’t even imagine how much attention Amal’s ring must get when she wears it! Amal strikes me as someone who is very empathetic and down to earth – despite her love of fashion and glam! I do not think she would pursue the profession she has if she was entirely superficial. I think this is why we often see her with just her wedding band – she wants to remove so much attention and focus on the ring/herself.


  7. I think this is a site about Amal’s fashion and Jewelry so anything about it should be here regardless of where the article comes from.
    As for the world news that can be found other places this is not the place for it to me..I
    I also doubt she is trying to buy a new ring just tabloid gossip.

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  8. I don’t believe the story. It’s a story put out by one gossip tabloid. And not a very legitimate one at that. The most recent gossip on Amal has been she’s pregnant. So many different media sites have been spreading the same gossip. Well, if you saw the latest pics of her in the Valentino dress and the Lavin two piece it is quite obvious she is not pregnant. There are more rumors and unsubstantiated gossip out there about Amal that there are truths. So no I don’t believe this story at all.


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