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Amal Clooney and Syma Beydoun in London 13.11.2015


Syma Beydoun Instagram

After the tragic events in Beyrouth and Paris I needed  to take a pause. So much pain.

But now, I am back.

On last Friday evening Amal and George Clooney met Lebanese stylist Syma Beydoun in London. Syma was in London at Belgraves Hotel for the event London Luxe Christmas 2015.

Amal Clooney wore her Valentino dress with the same earrings as in Italy this summer.



Half scarf cape dress

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Get the look for less :

Similar dress


Similar earrings

Oriental gold earrings in filigree $22



38 thoughts on “Amal Clooney and Syma Beydoun in London 13.11.2015

  1. I really like the dress, especially the part with the cape! But isn’t it too cold in November in London for such a dress? Even in Germany, where I live, it is too mild for November, but not as warm to wear a summer dress. I prefer Syma Beydoun’s choice. Amal’s dress is not season appropriate for me, if somebody can say this.


  2. It is not a nice dress, I don’t like the pattern the colour and the cutouts and is an strange choice for autumm, don’t you think so?. I respect very much Amal as a professional barrister but i don’t think she has a very good taste in jewelery.
    The Clooneys are an interesting couple for their professions but funny with their way of getting dress _ George in jeans, Amal overdressed_.


  3. Thanks Nat for being sensitive to the terrible events around us these days. I am disappointed to see social outings by the clooney so close to these tragic events ( I know – they have the right to but given what they both stand for…)

    But I’m delighted to see Amal recyles her wardrobe just like the rest of us :))))) she’s just like us (minus the 5000 repeat dress haha) perfect dress for covering a tummy perhaps ? Lol


    1. Hi Soos,
      perhaps they went out early on Frieday – like my husband and I did too – and got to know about hhese terrible events later, after having dinner or so.
      Perhaps we should all be very careful in prejudging…. Only my opinion

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  4. Hello! Thank you so much for featuring my earrings, thanks to this I have discovered your beautiful blog which I love as I also happen to be an admirer of Amal Clooney’s style. Thanks again!


  5. It may not be appropriate to speculate about a person’s health – but I have read elsewhere that that Amal may have an overactive thryroid – (hyperthyroidism), They cite her thinness, her slighty bulging eyes and that she doesn’t seem to feel the cold – which are all symptoms, People with hyperthyroidism are very sensitive to heat. She often is photographed wearing clothes that seem out of season. The summery printed dress seems like an odd choice for mid November in Europe. I wonder why the Clooney’s agree to give permission for other people (hairdressers, fashion designers) to photograph supposedly private occasions for use on their instagram accounts. This is clearly posed and intended for that purpose,


    1. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism after my second baby. There’s more to it than just losing weight bulging eyes and not feeling the cold( trust me on this one I live in Canada people around me wearing jackets and I am picking my son up from school with short sleeves ) . But the heart palpitations the achy muscles and the fatigue will let you know that you have a health problem so if amal would have hyperthyroidism she should know it by now it’s not something you can ignore and carry on with your life. Especially with fast heartbeat can damage the heart.


    2. You actually read that on this blog. I stated those specific reasons you mentioned many moons ago on this blog. I also mentioned that if your thyroid function is either over active or under active, you will have a hard time getting pregnant, hence the visit Amal made to the infertility clinic in NYC last summer . I can say with certainty as a physician that she has many of the physical signs of a hyperactive thyroid, especially when you look at her parents who do not have her body shape and you know that Genes don’t lie.
      Nonetheless, she is beautiful, whether she is super thin or not. Most women this thin look Guant and rail like but she happens to always look glowing and somehow appear curvy although thin. Glad to see that she supports Lebanese designers too and hadn’t forgotten her heritage.

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      1. Miranda , thank you for sharing your story about your hyperthyroidism . You are right in stating what a lot of the symptoms are. I am assuming that if Amal Has a hyper functioning thyroid, she already knows . Just commenting in regards to her thin physique and some previous posts which state that she doesn’t eat.


  6. Nati thank you for posting my comment as well as a range of comments by other people that don’t necessarily “idealise” Amal as this perfect, character without flaws or ego, When I first discovered this blog, I felt that anything remotely critical would be shot down. You present a far more diverse range of viewpoints these days. Has this just evolved over time? Have your observations changed?


    1. Not so very true Casual observer …this is the second time she (nati) finds my posts to be irrelevant according or to her and decided simply not to post them which I find so odd and weird given that there was no vulgar language used or anything demeaning to either Amal George or Nati herself ..So what if I didn’t like at one given monent one of Amal’s outfits and criticized it isn’t that what the blog is about or maybe gave my opinion on how I think they keep their marriage working…I simply don’t get it but am pretty sure that when she chooses not to post my comments that only means there’s lots of other opinions and comments she disregards as well and chooses not to publish which is again her blog and her platform and she has the right to do whatever she pleases!! But on the hand nati I have to alert you to the fact that you have lost and are losing a lot of brainy smart people that used to follow your blog but not any more …and I am about to say farewell too, just take a look at the number of comments from readers from 6 months ago in any given event relating to Amal and compare it your present blogs you will see that I am quite right…your readers/followers have dropped significantly and hence their comments. All I read recently are the nice superficial and sweet comments which am not saying are bad and I hope that you don’t get me wrong but there’s no substance and depth to them …in other words over time this will get boring if it’s not already,; to me it looks like you chose to play it safe and secure a comfort zone/room in which everyone’s comments will be posted as long as they will praise you and Amal ofcourse which without her pure existence your blog would have never seen the light ,,,Nati you started off very well and that’s why I would literally read each and every single comment and I miss those blogs where X would slam Y then Z would get offended .,,some of it was silly I have to admit but that also proved big time that you had a vast audience/crowd with major differences and various backgrounds and that was why everyone wanted to post their comment and have their voice heard on your blog …that was then …now there’s really nothing interesting to read anymore! Again this is just my humble opinion and I owe you nothing but respect and admiration and do thank you for all the times you posted my comments after they earned your stamp of approval :)) Good luck and best wishes


  7. Sempre bonita e elegante, mesmo repetindo o vestido de verão Valentino.
    Ela está radiante e o verde esmeralda fica-lhe muito bem.
    O George fica bem de branco. E a barriga! que tal! bjs

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  8. I love your site. I go to it every day because, like you, I love to see what Amal is wearing. It’s so fun to follow. Thank you for all the time you put into this. It is very much appreciated.

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  9. Both Amal and the stylist look beautiful but I agree with the above comments. I could imagine this dress more for a summer barbecue or dinner.


  10. I like Amal’s dress and think it suits her. As for being inappropriate for the season I think many women these days don’t consider their clothes to be seasonal. If Amal is out for the evening she is probably just going from the car to the restaurant and back home afterwards so she wouldn’t be in the cold for long. If she likes that dress I don’t see why she shouldn’t wear it at this time of year. I’ve often seen young women out in very flimsy clothes and they don’t seem to feel the cold while I’m wrapped up with a coat, scarf and gloves.

    I love her earrings. She has some beautiful pieces of jewellery.

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  11. Awesome dress… love the pattern, colours, neckline. (Hate the cape and weird sandals on the model.) Amal has great taste in clothing. Also I like the way George doesn’t put up a fuss about what he wears. They seem to be a “chill” couple and comfortable with who they are.

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  12. Tenue d’été pas approprié e pour cette saison.
    Elle dit s être mis à l écart à cause des événements à Beyrouth et paris. Beyrouth oui mais paris c était vendredi alors question? Je ne comprends pas


  13. Hi Nati,

    This is my second time trying to post to your blog. The first post was never posted for some reason.

    I do enjoy the fashion on the blog. I may not always agree with Mrs. Clooney’s fashion choices, but everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. I’m sure she may not always agree on my fashion choices.

    That being said, I preferred her style pre-marriage. Now she just seems like a fashion designer’s clothes horse. Pre marriage, she had a unique style that was funky and at times ridiculous. It made her more intriguing and interesting. Now it is just getting a preview of the next collection from a major fashion house. It is a little boring.

    My original post was regarding your comment about you ‘not liking Elisabetta Canalis’. It was a 2 articles ago. Another reader had made a comment in defence of Ms Canalis and Ms Keibler. I had asked why you did not like Ms Canalis and you never replied. Elisabetta is physically more attractive than Amal. I say this in terms of not just facial beauty, but physical as well. You have to admit, Amal’s shrinking size sends a bad message to young girls. Elisabetta has a strong, toned body that teaches women to be healthy and stay at a healthy weight. Beauty is relative but on a physical level, many more individuals will prefer Elisabetta to Amal. I do not know why you are so defensive. It is an opinion that would likely be validated by a survey.

    Also, you often mention you only post respectful comments. I feel if there is a critical comment about Amal, you DO NOT post it. I say this because you had no problem posting a comment where someone called Stacy Keibler “George’s floozy”. That is so rude. This is a blog about critiquing and commenting on Amal’s FASHION choices. George was in relationships prior to Amal and posts that belittle or say rude things about his exes should not be posted.

    I am shocked at your double standard. If this post is not posted, I think I will no longer visit your blog.


    1. I never stand Ms Canalis since her first steps at Canale 5 tv program where she was dancing on tables with very short pants …. It is a page about Amal and not about Ms Canalis. If you don’t like Amal and you find her fashion style “ridiculous” you needn’t to post such comments here. “I” didn’t begin the discussion about Ms Canalis.


      1. ‘Ridiculous’ in a good way. It showed she had confidence and a mind of her own. She liked what she was wearing and did not care what others thought.

        Yes, it is a post about Amal’s FASHION. so perhaps you should refrain from posting comments that belittle other women and YOU yourself should not make those comments. are you related to Amsl or paid by her people, because you get overly defensive. I agree with the previous comment, the variation and healthy debates about fashion are gone and it has become s place to praise Amal and slam George’s exes (or his friend Cindy Crawford).

        As for Elisabetta dancing on tables, let us not judge. I have read a few interesting articles about Amal’s past (somehow they disappear off the internet). Thou shalt not judge.

        Let us empower each other, not be bring each other down.


      2. I am quite impressed by the strength of your comment. This blog is not only about fashion and you know it. About E.Canalis, a nice person wrote that she was better than Amal. Everyone has the right to have a own point of view, but it was the wrong place. Search for E. Canalis on the web and you can see the pictures. I am not sure that she is an example for the young girls. Amal is unique and accomplished. Finally I need positivity.


  14. I have not been here very long, posting only recently, but reading since maybe 2 months. And I also realized that some of my comments simply vanished after having been ‘on moderation’ for some time. They were neither nasty nor disrespectful.

    In the beginning, i had suspected technical problems. After reading your statement, i realize, it’s the blogowner’s selection.

    Quite frankly: if 25% or so of my postings are not published, without any reason named and no feedback – why should one continue making the effort of typing in the first place? Any blog is as good as it’s creator – AND the commenters it attracts.

    I read here several times that Nati and some commenters complain about comments on the ‘daily mail’ website: did you ever consider that they might comment elsewhere, like this place, and start a real conversation with others, but their comments are not welcome here, even if they are NOT nasty?!

    Just my 2 pennies.


      1. It is partially true. I do not send negative comments to this Site, because i have the feeling, that you Nati, take it personnally. Even when s.b. does not like a dress or the Pattern or so.
        You are right when you are saying, that we need peace. We Need Peace, but mainly we need as an Open democracy, the freedom to say what wie think. This can be done without getting nasty or outrageous.

        But really, if Amal Clooney is our problem in these days of trouble, then we have not unterstood what is going on in this would.

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  15. Nati

    At this time I am caring for my mother who is in hospice care at home. She has been fighting a long battle with cancer. Your blog has given much needed ‘relieve’ through these last few months and I have even been able to read some of them to my mom. It has been a lovely distraction at a difficult time. THANK YOU for your blog!!
    I, along with many others would be happy to donate to your page if you do consider to put one up.
    Bless you!


    1. Dear Debbie,
      I can imagine how hard it is for you and your mother. Fighting cancer is a hard battle. That requires a constant stream of strong will power, faith, hope and love. Yes, this blog is a nice distraction with people from everywhere. Thank you so much for your pecious comment. It made my day.
      Thank you again 🙂


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