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Amal Clooney meeting with Minister of State Hugo Swire in London 10.11.205

IMG_20151111_063041On Tuesday Amal Clooney discussed the Maldives situation with Hugo Swire, Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, accompanied by Laila Ali, former Pres Nasheed’s wife and Ben Emmerson.


You can read the press release from counsel for President Nasheed – Amal Clooney, Ben Emmerson QC, and Jared Genser here :

Amal Clooney wore a beautiful burgundy shift dress

by S-Dress Fashion


with thanks to E. Bawarsian for the ID

The ultimate slimming dress which can be used as either an office dress or a party outfit. Serious yet sexy. The style is elegant and chic. Flattering on every body shape. Our fabric is machine washable, no iron, breathable and made in Italy. Approx. 110 cm length from shoulder to hem.





with her

DIOR Bar bag

dior20bar20black20m1056qbxm_m900_v2_z dior20bar20black20m1056qbxm_m900_v1_z

Burgundy color is perfect for the fall period 🙂


41 thoughts on “Amal Clooney meeting with Minister of State Hugo Swire in London 10.11.205

  1. I like this dress and it is appropriate for the occassion. Very subtle and the patttern takes the eye away from the stomach . OK Yes I am feeding into this.. but I do see a small bump- ladies do you agree? She looks preggo 🙂 I hope she is that would be great news.


  2. Lovely colour on Amal. Nati do you know which designer made the dress in the left of your three pictures of models? I love it. It would look wonderful on Amal.


    1. I think that she was already leaving the office when they asked for a picture. Only one picture and any report in the DailyMail. She could be pregnant and they are waiting for an official announcement.


  3. This is a very pretty outfit! The accents on this dress is very attractive! I like the color combination. It’s a great look & color for autumn! 🙂


  4. Also, I think George’s people are reading this blog. Currently, George is in Scotland. He did a marketing move by eating at a restaurant/sandwich shop and donating $ to them. It didn’t come off as natural. It came across as very unnatural, staged, and for publicity. Even the way George spoke made it come across as “for the cameras to see”. Almost as if it was for publicity purposes & something to purposely catch on film and to televise. I think his people read this blog and site.


      1. I think George is very simple person glamorized by Hollywood standards. Nothing deep like her.
        I think he is a very friendly person, capable of loyal friendships and with a beautiful heart, also a gentleman.
        But more of the fraternity guy, little bit inmature (all men are!) and sometimes even silly. He has had good luck and he has mention this quite a few times in past interviews.
        Yet, I think they are very much in love! and they complement each other. He likes to take care, Amal is her very own self, I don’t think she likes to be pampered.
        My two cents, girls!


      2. Well, he is an actor. A rather mediocre one in the talent department, but still :-). If he could not even fake interest for such an occasion, he should opt for a different profession. Like selling tequila and coffee … oh … wait! LOL.

        About the dress: pretty and suited to the occasion, but not Amal’s best colour. Makes her look washed out. A handbag in a less sombre colour might have improved the overall impression.

        On the pregnancy rumours: these are tacky, and IMO mainly being launched for PR reasons. I have not seen a single photo so far that screams ‘PREGNANT’ to me. Let’s wait for an official statement.


    1. I saw him in Edinburgh and he shook my hand. Everybody was really taken with him and he was very friendly. He said he was very impressed by the cafe as all proceeds go to charity and people who come to the cafe can pay for food and drinks for local homeless people if they wish. They also employ some people who were homeless. He spent about 20 minutes in the cafe with the workers there. He was having a laugh with them and he donated $1000 dollars. He gave a real boost to the cafe workers. He was also making a speech at the Scottish Business awards and fundraising for his Not On Our Watch charity. I heard lots of people saying that he seemed like a genuinely nice guy and they were impressed that he was helping to raise funds for both Social Bite cafe and his own charity.


  5. Another beautiful dress and color on the stylish Amal…love the dress. I think soon we will hear the official details of her pregnancy…what a pretty baby it shall be!


  6. Another beautifil look for the stylish Amal…love this dress! I think soon we will hear the official details of the pregnancy…will surely be a beautiful baby!


  7. I think it looks kind of ‘matronly’, Burgundy is a ‘be careful color’. It looks great depending on the material of the outfit. It can look royal in silk or silk-like materials. To me it’s a royal color.
    Not her best for me even though extremely proper, hemline etc.
    Amal puts her notebooks and folders in her bag, that’s why she uses this style in her bags. Notice she doesn’t carry the barristers professional bags. I’ve seen pictures where the papers come out a little bit.


  8. Nice, conservative outfit, perfect for the situation but if AC dressed always like this I would not be interested in her style.
    I dont’ love the colour “marsala” though the dress is elegant.
    Beautiful bag.


  9. Lovely dress. Looks great on her. And Amal looks wonderful If I was pregnant and wanted to conceal it this is not a dress I would have chosen. It’s more revealing than concealing.


  10. By the way George was specifically at Social Bite sandwich shop in Edinburgh because he was invited months ago by the owner who owns a chain of them. It was a charitable event and George’s presence was to “bring attention” to Social Bite’s cause to help the homeless. So George most certainly was there for publicity … Pictures were meant to be taken. His involvement with this cause raises money for Social Bite and George’s own non-profit Not On Our Watch. George also spoke that evening at Scotland’s Business Awards Banquet. George was received very graciously by the people of Edinburgh. They were thrilled over his visit and George was equally gracious, friendly and complementary of those who hosted his visit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Belladonna, were you thinking George would be anything OTHER than gracious, friendly, & complimentary?
      Good cause for the homeless. I was just in NYC to run the marathon & witnessed homeless on the street. Maybe George & Amal can give a sizable donation to these people, as well. In support of helping those less fortunate. Every amount adds up. I just donated $5,000 to a children’s charity while I was there. Everyone can make a difference. 🙂


  11. George donating $1,000 dollars is a Joke! Amal’s bags are worth more than that!! Just think how much they could donate if they sold just 5 of her 100+ collection of bags! That’s pushing $10,000 dollars (5 bags). I hope the bloggers report of $1,000 dollars is inaccurate. That’s embarrassing & a joke! $1,000 dollars; Really?!


  12. We don’t know what Amal and George donate privately, it could be a great deal. Perhaps Amal does donate some of her bags to a charity that is close to her heart. We do not know and it is not any of our business. Most of us who donate to our chosen charity do not make this information public.


  13. NO one knows what he donated he may have given more behind the scenes, he also did a few more charitable things while he was there. His presence bought this charity to everyone’s attention and that was worth more than money.
    Why are the rich supposed to give everything they have to charity? IT Is a well known fact that George supports many charities and I think Amal does as well.


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