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Amal Clooney and Mohamed Fahmy interview at the Frontline Club 07.10.2015


Amal Clooney and Mohamed Fahmy have been interviewed at the Frontline Club in London tonight. I could watch the event online. Just a pleasure to see Mohamed Fahmy’s smile.

Here the video (thanks to Bla)

Amal Clooney wore a gorgeous coat by

Burberry Porsum

Leather-trimmed suede trench coat

sold out

€ 4,035

img (2)





Amal Clooney wore a grey dress by Dolce & Gabbana

Grey Virgin Wool Turtleneck Dress

available here on Moda Operandi :

medium_grey-virgin-wool-turtleneck-dress f0c2560c4b86fbaa3ea2ccdaf0e64ae8 9ac72354617401968079c5e000172dc1 738d8616f0f1c45e449680921b7c3d63

with pumps by Dolce & Gabbana




and the Last Minute tote bag by Dolce & Gabbana


For the bag, I found this nice alternative on Zalando :


 IMG_2415 IMG_2432 IMG_2431 IMG_2423




Amal-Clooney-seen-leaving-the-Frontline-Club-in-London (2) Amal-Clooney-seen-leaving-the-Frontline-Club-in-London (1) 2D2CDCA300000578-3264079-image-m-18_1444249605634 2D2CDCFA00000578-3264079-Amal_Clooney_was_a_vision_in_green_when_she_headed_out_in_London-m-2_1444249416571

amal_alamuddin-11-682x1024 amal_alamuddin-10-682x1024 amal_alamuddin-9-682x1024 amal_alamuddin-7-683x1024 amal_alamuddin-6-740x1024 amal_alamuddin-5-674x1024 amal_alamuddin-3-724x1024 amal_alamuddin-1-682x1024

IMG_9468 IMG_9258 IMG_9328 IMG_9443

59 thoughts on “Amal Clooney and Mohamed Fahmy interview at the Frontline Club 07.10.2015

  1. PS. Dear Nati, it is so wonderful to see the stunning and brilliant goddess, BARIA Alamuddin, at the press conference! If you look, she is there at 5:47, you will see her. She and her daughter, AMAL truly are modern day royalty, and such beacons of hope and light for us all!


    1. Did anyone else notice that she has a slight lisp caused by her veneers? The added layer in her natural teeth causes an over-bite which is most likely the primary reason for the lisp.


  2. I would like to invite bashers of AC to watch the video.
    She is adorable.
    Her style from head to to is perfect. I love it.
    Finally she wears Burberry.

    She behaves naturally not like a trained doll.
    This authenticity gives her strength.

    But more important is her successful work.
    I hope the other journalists can get their freedom too.
    Congrats … 🙂


  3. In love with this color and jacket!!! I must say I miss the days amoula was a bit more unique and quirkier with her style – think back to when they were dating and her funky selections- don’t get me wrong she has a great wardrobe now but it’s more safe and mainstream so to speak vs her offbeat choices before . SHE LOOKS AMAZING HERE

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah hard to be original when you just wear high end designers day in day out, and the same designer over and over again before moving on to the next one. I don’t think it’s great style – I only follow because I sew and I don’t get to see high end designers close up enough to steal some tips and tricks.


    1. Great reply Nati. I’m wondering if the requester was being a bit sarcastic. Kudos to you for also not publishing that very offensive photo . The photographer who sold it to the daily mail has no morals and the daily mail even more despicable for posting it.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I find the coat ugly , the dress elegant and Amal really beautiful , lovely, nice , adorable, friendly and humble lady , uh 😍 She was really attractive and she seemed enjoying her time , when she asked Fahmy about the message it was spontaneous & it took my heart . When are we gonna see you again Amal ?!
    Amal’s family was there Nati ? They have all the right to be proud .


  5. Haters will hate how silly they are Amal can be seen in another photo looking embarrassed with her hand over her face. She has too much class and poise to do something as vulgar as to deliberately flash the press.


  6. The Frontline Club is for journalists, diplomats and aid workers, so Baria is probably a member.

    This entire outfit is gorgeous especially the dress. I don’t know how the suede will hold up in rainy British weather… LOL! I have to say though the D&G trouser suit she wore the day before emphasized just how painfully thin she is. If she gained 5 lbs it would make such a big difference. Still, I am loving seeing her work outfits again.


  7. Wish I could afford a $6,000 CDN coat like that – the colour is spectacular and looks great on her.I bet it will look killer with jeans and boats.

    Congrats for getting him out.


    1. My question is : Why are you here ? To discredit me and my work ? I am able to find Amal’s outfits because I have brains and precious persons who help me sometimes. So it would be better if you come here with a different attitude.


      1. Nati, are you replying to me? It’s hard to tell from your post since the replies seemed to have been shuffled around. I’m simply commenting that it is offensive for someone to ask of you know what underwear Amal was wearing when her privacy was invaded by the person who took and posted a pic of her underwear.


      2. Nati,
        Again, we have to be careful in diluting Amal’s intelligence and casting her into the victim role. She is not helpless and defenceless in the face of paparazzi. I find it difficult to accept that the underwear photos are simply the papatazzi/DM’s fault. As per previous pictures which have been unbecoming, there is some responsibility that needs to be placed on Amal’s shoulders too – when sliding across seats in a car, surrounded by people taking photos, keep one’s feet firmly planted on the ground as you slide and keep your coat down over your waist – there is no need to lift it in the air. Should one do otherwise, they will – perhaps rightly so – be accused of wanting to show they are wearing thigh high boots from an expensive brand. As previously said, this is LadylikeBehaviourClass101 for 12 year olds.
        I like what Amal represents for women and has the potential to be – but she is letting herself down.


      3. Hi nati, thanks for your postings. You said Amal “felt in the car very hard” – I’m assuming that you mean she fell? How you know that she fell, and that she fell very hard? I don’t see this information printed in any other articles. Also, she is smiling, so she doesn’t look hurt, as a person might after falling. Anyway, I’m just curious. I’m a fan, not a hater, by the way. Thank you for the work you do here, it’s a fun website.


      4. I think what Nati intended to say was that she felt very bad and in response to Amal smiling, well did it occur to you that she was not aware of how intrusive the angle of the photo was until it came out? And to those that say that it’s a paparazzi’s job to sell pictures, well I say one can still have integrity and not sell the pics .


  8. “carsethia” … you have an INCREDIBLE name! I wonder if that stands for any goddess of any kind? You seem so eloquent… i just wish you would show up at my blog… i would place you on a pedestal! You sound so INCREDIBLE! YOUR INFINITE LOVE for Amal seems out of the charts and sooooo adimarably sincere, sweet, interested that it tyakes my breath away! 🙂

    ps; I am actually so very AMAZED with your vison power to have been able to see Amal’s underware on those pictures.. i tried really hard but all i could see was her legs covered up with stalkings, no underwar really showing… what an AMAZING vision you have! More power to you!


  9. Amal’s knack for choosing the right colous and matching them is always spot on! Stunning from head to toe sums up this look for me….


  10. Dear Nati,
    the more I read here the more I like the way you act and react.
    Thank you so much! 🙂
    As we see “bashing” and “hate” can be hidden behind nice words. You did the right thing.
    It is your blog and you are the boss.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. This whole outfit gets my seal of approval. Amal looks stunning, professional, and at ease. She looks like she’s enjoying herself!


  12. Burberry make very stylish coats. They would all look good on Amal .
    The green would not suit everyone ,but when you are tall and slim with beautiful dark hair it’s a winner. Great style in my opinion.

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  13. Oh My, do I wish I had her clothing allowance!! What a beautiful coat! Gorgeous color and unique “ombré” coloration! Beautiful make up and overall classy. A++

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  14. The dress is very flattering on her lean figure. The tailoring of this dress is perfection! Classy and form fitting without being too tight. Also, a very tasteful fabric and look for fall/winter. This was a great design & color choice for this press conference. Make up was just right.


  15. I know that you are not going to post my comment because you only post comments that are overly flattering to Amal or to you. Anything slightly negative, even though it is true and not offensive, you decline to post. But, I’ll have my say anyway. The paparazzi are freelance photographers who doggedly pursue celebrities to take candid pictures for sale to magazines and newspapers. The paparazzi owe no respect to anyone (including Amal). The only thing they respect is money! For anyone to expect fairness from the paparazzi is absolutely ridiculous! There is nothing more that the paparazzi like than to catch celebrities in awkward and distressing situations. The more humiliating the pictures, the more money they get from them! The paparazzi have always hounded celebrities, some to their deaths (Princess Diana); they are not going to overlook Amal Clooney!


  16. How many of us have once jumped into a car in a hurry, sat down awkwardly or maybe just sat in such a way that our skirt or dress shifted in the wrong position and was lifted up?? A natural occurence which happens to be unfortunate, photographed or becomes an item of conversation only and if you’re a celebrity and like Amal, are under the constant watch of the paparazzi!!

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  17. Friends, did I miss something? I do not understand the above posts about “underwear, paparazzi, getting in the car”. What happened and what pictures are you talking about? I do not understand. (??)


    1. Jacklyn, there have been some pics taken from Amal (not published on Nati’s blog) while she landed in her car seat and her coat and legs went up revelaing her gorgeous stalkings. So of course, DM found it apropiate to publish, implying that she was revealig too much. I do agree that DM was intruders in posting them, but for me, it is obvious that it was an accident, and the fact is, we dont even see her skin, it is all covered up by stalkings and we have already seen more skin from her legs in different ocasions than we see on those pictures. Once again, tabloids just looking for clicks.

      Then, a nonsense comentator called “Carsethria” came to this blog post to ask Nati if she knew where to find ID for suposedly Amal’s underwear, even though the pics did not show her underwear. Nati published the comment but later on deleted it because it was a nonsense and as you see, many of us discredited such comentator called *Carsethria…. she was insulting with her comment. So Nati deleted it. That is why you see comments that were made based on such deleted comment.


  18. Hi Nati,
    Can you please post the Doughty Street Chambers’ statement regarding the ECtHR Decision in the case of Perincek v Switzerland? I’m annoyed with the media misrepresenting the case and the outcome. Dear media: it’s not about Amal.


    1. oh my, lady, me too! Have you seen how they distrod the truth and their taglines are so wrong!!! Umbelivable! if one does not investigate further one end up with the absolute lies form such tabloids. I really though the telegraph was a serious agency. But no, they are as scum as DM 😦

      Yes, Nait, please post that because i read it and it has a whole different set of trurth that people reading the scum tabloids need to know.


  19. How disapointing for Newspapers that wants to be taken seriously but yet pblish articles with clear intent to deviate the facts. For anyone reading the misleading tabloids that Amal was “blown”, or lost the Armenian case, this will set the record straight.. it was actually a WIN for her, DSC and Armenia.

    AMAL –

    DSC –


  20. Love the colour of the coat. Stunning on her. The length could not be worn by anyone short – with her stature it is fab! I do envy get wardrobe! Important to note that I do think she gets many clothes and accessories for free so she probably doesn’t know the cost of half of them. Any designer would want their clothes on Amal as she could make a paper bag look fantastic!


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