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Amal Clooney in Dolce and Gabbana for a meeting with Mohamed Nasheed 10.09.2015


Amal Clooney meets with former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed on Maldives island of Vihamanafushi as she works to secure his release on September 10th, 2015.

Amal Clooney spoke with Jared Genser at a press conference at the Kurumba Maldives resort on the Maldives island of Vihamanafushi .

Watch the video here :

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Amal Clooney wore a dress by Dolce & Gabbana

Crepe square neck dress sold-out


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Sunglasses by Heidi London



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Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney speaks at a press conference at the Kurumba Maldives resort on the Maldives island of Vihamanafushi on September 10, 2015. Clooney attended a court hearing September 10 in the Maldives where state prosecutors have done a U-turn to appeal the conviction of former president Mohamed Nasheed. AFP PHOTO        (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)


42 thoughts on “Amal Clooney in Dolce and Gabbana for a meeting with Mohamed Nasheed 10.09.2015

    1. wow Rose, 40 must be really an age for a woman to stop seeing herself at all as sexy he??? she neeeds to start covering up hersel beyond her knees or else she will cause a disgust ravoke!! Where have you learned to think like that Rose? Please, speak for yourself! I hope Amal never listen to such minds. I sure never will when i hit such age….. i feel pity for women who think 37 years old is old or the age to retire and die?….. geee…. And, please, stop pushin 40, she is only 37.. there are still 3 long years and even then, she is still young! I cant believe this is coming from women… how uptight!! Talking about a glass half empty!


    1. Stunning! Take into consideration Amal’s use of color. She has arabic roots. Arabs love color. You can see it in their art and decorations. Her mother said that in an interview. And her mother also loves color. I have loved both of them for that. I don’ t think she plans her colors to make statements. It’s just her.
      I liked Amal’s fashion sense before the wedding. She was natural and fresh and looked younger. She was always very properly dressed.
      The wedding with all the designers changed everything. Pity!
      Now she is even changing hair color and using highlights! I can see Hollywood telling her lighten up so your light comes out. Even her eyebrows which marked such big, big eyes so well, are changing. These stylists give everybody the same talk! Pity she is listening , Well, maybe because we are women and we all have some degree of vanity. I hope she doesn’t loose her roots on this vanity for she looked perfect.
      Amal strikes me as a person who is very sure of herself and of what she wants. I loved the way she kept her distance from the press and photographers at the beginning without being snobbish. I hope she doesn’t loose who she really is, jacqueline Kennedy never lost it, and so many more.
      I really don’t find the publicity sorrounding her bad for her cases. On the contrary she can use it to get her cases out to the world. But maintaining her distance.
      Ibiza was vulgar, extremely vulgar for me. In every sense. People’s dressing in shorts, snikers etc.etc. drunks! If you compare it with David Beckam’s launching of his whiskey in London it’s a long distance. And then Amal comes out as Goldfinger with that horrible dress!
      Again, I hope Amal doesn’t loose it. No man is worth that!


      1. “Arabs love color.” So THAT’S where I get it! 🙂

        Nereida, I agree with your post. I, too, especially wish that she’d stop highlighting her hair (it looks too obvious and tacky) and changing her brows, etc. I think natural is best on any woman.


      2. If she wears the outfits, which you described the vulgar clothes, for her husband, then it is on her, to tell him, that she does not want it. She is well educated and has a fantastic reputation in her job. So she is able and independent enough to tell him, how she likes her life, outfits, friends etc.. Although GC is 17 years older than her, he is not the Father who is able to determine her lifestyle like in some strange countries. We all live in the modern western world and a lot, not all, of Woman live their lifes, as they like it. Thank’s God.

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    2. This dress is worth $2,095.00, you call that simple? Do you also think that this is the proper attire to wear when a human rights barrister visits a client who is imprisoned in a dungeon-like state prison? Were you born an imbecile, or did you grow into it?


  1. I find the excessive continuous wearing of super expensive designer clothing to visit someone in prison and in this particular environment obscene. Why can’t she wear high street brands like Kate Middleton so often does? Nouveau riche…


  2. I love that dress, beautiful style. A classic dolce and Gabbana style. If she was a little more curvier it would be alot nicer. Monica Bellucci would look fabulouos in that dress, she has the perfect curvy italian figure for it.


  3. A few people asked me in a previous post of why I inquired about AC’s fitness routine. The reasons is because as a former Wall Streeter turned fitness trainer, I can tell you that while AC is slim her posture is very problematic. A lot of it has to do with her stiletto addiction, coupled with computer and desk work. To the trained eyes it’s obvious that her back is hunched with shoulders lifted, and her pelvis is tilted out of alignment. AC’s smoked for a long time which helped her stay thin, but it obvious affects her skin and eyes. She is still gorgeous, but there’s a price to pay for smoking and stiletto addiction.


  4. Ich liebe ihre Arbeitskleidung, die sieht immer schick und elegant aus und vor allem – die Rocklänge stimmt auch immer.
    Ich glaube, ihr Mann zwingt sie zu diesen zu kurzen Kleidern?!


  5. Amal Clooney is “doing it all for no money.” This is a complete lie! Amal Clooney (AC) works for the British law firm, Doughty Street Chambers (DSC)! AC is not an independent lawyer; she is a member of the international law team at DSC. A client hires DSC, and they then decide which lawyers are going to work in that particular case. True, a client may ask for a specific lawyer, but said lawyer would always be attached to the firm. AC is a junior lawyer at DSC, and she has never, ever lead a case all by herself! She has always worked as an assistant to the lawyer leading the case. As usual, in this case of the Maldives former president, AC is assisting a lawyer who has more experience and credentials than she does. Of course, this other lawyer gets no attention whatsoever from the press and photographers! All the attention is on AC. The other lawyer is more than happy with this turn of events though. He knows that the focal point should be on the client and the case itself, never on the lawyer!


  6. So Nati, I see you have not deign to post my comment. That is how you run things in your blog: if a comment is full of reverence and adoration towards Amal Clooney (AC), you immediately post it. If, on the other hand, one dares to disapprove of AC (in a respectful, but slightly sarcastic way), you do not post the comment. Mind you, one is not writing lies or exaggerations about AC, one is simply stating the truth and nothing, but the truth! Tell me Nati, darling, who signs your paychecks? Is it George Clooney? Amal? Both George & Amal? Anyone from Amal’s family? Are you related to Amal? First/second/third cousin? Were you classmates with AC? No wonder there is no advertising in your blog. You have been bought and paid for by someone on AC’s corner! You don’t need paid ads in your blog because you are being more than handsomely paid to keep it (of course, always with the condition that everything that is written in the blog is worshipful of AC.) Good for you, Nati, dear! This is a nice racket you have going on here. I do not hold it against you. After all, we all have to try to survive in the best way possible in this cruel world of ours. You are certainly a sly fox, Nati, luv!


  7. Hello I’m a fan of Amal and so I often come here. As usual there are things about it that I like and things I do not. But I try not to judge sometimes I see that some people are not critical and are always going to say it’s wonderful everything he does is right or wrong. Another change is overly critical in unsubstantiated Egypt say that the government convicted his client for his intervention I think …. I just miss in their former professional Look appearances: the pink dress and two-tone shoes, the whole Paula lilac ka, his beige raincoat with yellow necklace flour etc …. And his Haute couture suits your personal outputs But anyway I think it takes a pretty balanced life continues to surprise me every time I see it. Greetings to all (I hope that the translator understands)


  8. I like this dress on her – it really suits her well (pun intended!) and the hemline is a perfect length. She looks absolutely gorgeous and, most importantly, serious and powerful. I didn’t say this earlier, due to the gravity of the outcome of her case in Egypt (I felt it would be tacky to write anything about her outfit then), but I really like all of her “business” outfits lately. Yes, even the white suit that she wore in Egypt. Her manner of dressing in a professional capacity is usually elegant and not so flashy. It’s 2015 – if a professional woman wants to wear something not so dark and dreary as a black suit, then I say go for it. Some dark skirt suits on women have a tendency to make them look like airline stewardesses. In fact, I find myself wishing that her formula for business dress would carry over to her personal life a bit more. The way that she occasionally dresses during off-hours can attract the wrong kind of public attention.

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  9. Oh, and I also like the shoes she’s wearing in these photos with the red dress. They have a thicker, lower heel than the stilettos that she was wearing earlier, so they fit the occasion much better.

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  10. Very nice. Professional, demure, understated elegance. This is a great look on her.

    I’m glad she’s stopped painting her fingernails bright red whilst working. More appropriate.


  11. Interesting views in all above posts. In response, I think she’s at a point where it’s really hard to go back. Once you’ve had a taste of extreme wealth, you really don’t know anything else. Haute couture, the best make up and artists, high end designs, hair experts, and the list goes on. I don’t think Amal will ever go back to the style per-wedding that many have commented here. Although, she’s beautiful etc. etc., I don’t think she will go back to a more basic look again. She has had all access to high end designers that more than want her to wear their fashions. She gladly has accepted. Amal is happy with who she has become and what access she has to this glorious multi millionaire rich life. No price tag is too large and no offers are turned down. It all makes sense how this can happen, IF YOU CHOOSE TO LET IT HAPPEN. Jacqueline Kennedy, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, Princess Kate have all stood their ground. They maintained and own/owned their look. Amal has accepted all invitations and George encourages it, as well. He’s saying, “Go for it”. The unfortunate thing is in court, it looks pretentious. Even in photographs with others, she’s beginning to separate herself from others by looking so far perfect than them: high volume hair, perfectly altered & hemmed clothing to perfection. High shine hair. The perfect manicure to match the outfit, flawless make up and so on. And yes, all so beautiful, but you begin to separate yourself from people around you. No one in those photographs lives the life she does. She walks in with designer bags, $1,000 shoes, Head to toe she is adorned in around $100,000 dollars including rings and jewelry. I notice she always walks alone. Her co-counsel seem to separate themselves from her–never walking with her, either behind her, or 6 feet to her right or left, but never walking as a “team” and never talking in communication. I have noticed this trip after trip after trip. Especially this post of pictures. I think the posture issue might have to do with 2 things. 1.) She’s extremely thin and obviously eats little enough to be waif thin–in time, the lack of good nutrition, in particular calcium begins to cause this frailty. There is no doubt that she DOES NOT work out. She has zero muscle tone. She’s skinny because she controls this figure to wear model, runway, haute couture high fashion. 2.) Her hunched shoulders is body language that reads she knows she is “different” from the rest of the people in her party at court, with colleagues, etc. She can’t “blend in” with choosing to wear $100,000 worth of merchandise. I think she’s becoming more and more uncomfortable in her professional life. It shows with her hunching down, turned in-ward body. She no longer blends in with everyone. On the contrary, she stands tall/walks tall and has a Catwalk when she is wearing high fashion and with George out at night on the town. She’s comfortable and has now embraced this new life of never having to want. Beautiful & smart girl, but she doesn’t own her look. She is dressed in high end designers that want her to promote and “be the face” of their upcoming seasonal lines.


      1. Yes, I agree with you Nati. I too, love fashion and enjoy makeup and shoes, and trends, and more. But all of that would change if I married a very wealthy man. It would be highly likely I would take my love of fashion and kick it up a notch or two. It’s only natural. In doing so, I know I would make my fellow co-workers feel a bit inferior. They would noticeably see my high volume hair, my rich clothes, jewelry, etc. Even though I loved fashion all along….they would still see a difference. Amal’s life is forever changed. It appears big designers have “cashed in” on her. Yes, no doubt she likes fashion, but I think we can all agree the price tag of what she wears daily has gone Up and Up and Up and Up. Her outfits before we’re pretty much in the $3,000 range head to toe. Now they are in the $10,000 + range head to toe. Daily. That’s why some of these outfits that many comment on just simply are not cut right for her body type…these designers want her to wear their lines whether it really looks good on her or not. That’s why she’s all over the place–she’s just wearing “this & that” whether it looks good or not. That’s why I keep saying I wish she would create her own look, rather than letting them create it for her. 🙂


  12. Amal is great at what she does, but I don’t see her remaining in her profession for the long term. I hope she does, but I don’t see her continuing this route. It already appears to me she is less & less comfortable in this role, and more comfortable in her new role of fashion, extreme wealth, publicity, fame, & celebrity life. That’s what it appears to me. Body language says a lot. She stands tall & catwalks from the limo to the restaurants and out on the town and high profile events. Professional life just seems like a drag now that interferes with her new found fame/personal life. She even looks more tired while working. This is all just a guess, but it seems apparent to me.


  13. Amal loves her job and I don’t think she will give it up. She has been offered millions to rep fashion and turned it down. She is comfortable with her husband and his world but has her own live and job.

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    1. Aw, really? Good to know. I have not read nor heard that she has given up millions from fashion reps. That would seem unlikely, because keep in mind, all she has to do is AGREE to wear THEIR haute couture lines and the attention it gets will make the fashion reps (that you speak of) MILLIONS of dollars. I have nor read or heard of these “job offers” that you speak of.


  14. Yes, I agree, she probably loves her job. BUT, I think she likes her new role, even more. I’m still going with….I don’t think she will remain in her position for the long term.


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