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Amal and George Clooney spotted on Como Lake 06.07.2015


Picture via Instagram and The Frenchiesfans

Amal and George Clooney have been spotted at Como Lake with his parents. Amal Clooney wore a red midi dress with her Valentino wedges.

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503688205_1_shoeside (1)

503688205_4_shoefront (1)

11 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney spotted on Como Lake 06.07.2015

  1. Glad to see Amal “shopping her closet”. That orangey-red colour and dress-style suit her figure and colouring so well, and the high wedges give her legs extra length for perfect proportion. Beautiful!

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  2. Orange is a good color on her.
    George…same old baggy jeans, black shirt and suede shoes. Predictable George. At least he doesn’t spend outrageously on overpriced “vanity designer clothes”! Buy from department stores –use the money saved to donate to human/animal suffering causes. Make the world a better place.


      1. Yes I initially thought her hair was just tucked in but given how long she likes to wear it, I wondered why she would tuck it in instead of wear a pony tail….there are comments on the internet that she wears hair extensions….maybe she is giving her hair a break and got caught on camera.


  3. This dress may be the same one she wore in Greece last year. Orange is one of Amal’s best colors.

    I question whether this photo was taken in Lake Como. The signs in the background are in English. This photo could have been taken when George and Amal visited Kentucky.


  4. No need to post all my alternatives Nati, you have enough work ! 🙂

    Again, it is just in case you are still planning to make a Le chic sans le fric post ! 🙂

    This is a very good quality alternative, exactly like the original (contrary to what pics show in the brown color) but you should ask for longer ankle straps because they are a bit too short ( ask for 19/20cm long) . Sizing chart is accurate. Seller is great !


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