7 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney on the cover of Paris Match N°3445

  1. This shade of red looks so fantastic on Amal because it is a blue-red. She should stick with cooler colors like this shade of red – colors that would complement her complexion even in the absence of make up. Otherwise, she will look pale (or sallow), like she did in that golden dress.


    • I’d like to see her in a true blue-red lipstick. I haven’t loved any of her red lipsticks so far (though the one with that dress is okay). Her pink lipsticks on the other hand are lush.


  2. I loved BOTH dresses on her. Maybe she just needed to tweak her make-up to compensate for the paleness/sallowness, because Amal also looks great in orange colours which are not cool/blue.


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