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Amal Clooney wedding make-up by Charlotte Tilbury


Charlotte Tilbury released a tutorial about Amal Clooney wedding’s makeup. You can read it and buy the products here : http://www.charlottetilbury.com/uk/shop-by-product/amal-clooney-wedding-makeup.html

2015-05-13 18.02.32

Watch the video here :

17 thoughts on “Amal Clooney wedding make-up by Charlotte Tilbury

  1. I loved her wedding makeup! We have a similar skin tone and I have since bought ‘Bond Girl’ lipstick – it’s totally fab! CT’s lipsticks are great – matt and moisturising. I have really dry lips, so I would know. A lot of brands have tried the velvet lipstick formula, but CT nails it!

    Amal does generally have a great makeup look, though she is a bit heavy handed on blusher on normal days, and I haven’t liked her red carpet looks. But the wedding was gorgeous.


  2. George Clooney announced tonight that Amal just currently flew to London. She’s currently working on around 11 cases. I think we can expect to see her out & photographed. 🙂

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    1. Charlotte tilsbuey is an amazing saleswoman! She makes you want to purchase everything in the collection with her detailed descriptions of each product .


  3. Actually, I wish we saw more of Amal without *any* make-up. It’s fine that she wears make-up to special events, but as someone who never wears make-up on a daily basis, myself, I think it’s healthier for the skin and better for the environment to avoid it for the most part. For instance, my mother never wore make-up (on special occasions, the most she ever wore was eyebrow pencil to darken her blonde brows and lipstick) or used special skin creams when I was growing up, and in her 70’s she has the most beautiful, smooth, and luminous skin – even strangers ask her what her “secret” it. And, by “no make-up,” I mean: no foundation, no blush, no lipstick, no eyeliner, no mascara, etc. None of that “minimal make-up = no make-up.” I’d also love to see Amal without hair extensions/hair highlighting, etc. and false eyelashes. Let’s see her natural beauty.

    Give your body a break, Amal, and go make-up and product-free for a while. All of those things build up in your body and may not be good for it in the long run. Who knows, maybe they contribute to cancers, etc. I encourage all women to be proud of their actual selves, instead of covering themselves up like they have something to be ashamed of.


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