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Amal Clooney spotted in Courrèges vintage coat – 01.05.2015

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Amal Clooney was spotted yesterday with glamorous style and hair. This coat is stunning and I have the ID !  It is a Courrèges coat from 1960 ! Amal Clooney is a powerful lawyer and her style is unique. A confirmed style icon.

Amal Clooney wore a coat by Courrèges


Price about 4000 $


The tote bag by Paule Ka


650,00 €

15e501sa81_620_1 15e501sa81_620_2 2015-05-02 13.04.13

The sunglasses by Heidi London



And the pumps by Giambattista Valli


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42 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in Courrèges vintage coat – 01.05.2015

      1. Just wanted to congratulate you for your dedication and loyalty to your blog. It’s truly inspiring to watch you follow your passion. Although I’ve never commented, I’m a devoted fan since your very first day when all you had was the banner. Brava and thank you for letting us share this with you.

        Reading through the variety of comments makes me interested to see the cross-section of nationalities your wonderful blog attracts. Would you ever consider including a widget that shows the different countries of your visitors?

        Personally, as an American woman, I find some of the comments quite intriguing and would love to better understand the cultures behind them. For those people who think you are wasting your time on fashion, etc., they should read through your blog again with fresh eyes, and non-judgmental or defensive eyes, to see that the byproduct of what you’ve created here is tantamount to a sociological forum. Again, thank you very much for allowing me to share your passion with you.

        Eh ben….voilà.

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  1. I would be frightened to death to wear a $4000 coat!!
    With my luck, I’d spill something on it for sure. 🙂
    I love the coat. Love the retro look. Love the glasses. Love the bag.
    Love 60s/70s style clothes. So glad to see it’s back.

    This is a $5000 outfit and we haven’t even seen the dress!
    Nati – you always seem to have some ‘inside’ pictures – any this time?


  2. I love the vintage coat! But most of all I think her endless and beautifully shaped legs are better than any piece of clothing she could wear. But I do agree, she is a bit too thin.


  3. i have to congrats the paps that took the first picture on this post (Amal walking down the steps full frame) what a great shot!! Kudos for the photographer who took this shot, love it! Very rare to see a paparazzi shots looking like this!! Perfect angle and composition, very faltering to Amal, and i am sure he or she (the photographer) had only seconds to take it. Well done!

    ps: I am also a photographer (among other things), so i had to mention/appreciate that 😉

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  4. This is the best look since her wedding. Very chic. Love everything about it. I think it’s great she wears vintage clothing. She really good be a model. She holds herself so well. Good on you Amal.

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  5. Love this look, and I share the opinion that it is her best look since the wedding. The dark blue colour on the coat works so well with her dark hair. Stunning.

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  6. I personally coudn’t wear them but she does wear gorgeous shoes. Always enjoy looking at what she’s wearing. Although I don’t personally like everything she wears, and it’s OK, it’s always a feast to the eye. Thank you very much Nati for your hard work.

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  7. People need to stop using the word anorexic, we don’t know her . She is a grown woman who likes the way she looks and feels good. If being thin makes her happy good for her.

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  8. Beautiful coat and overall look! But I remain puzzled as to why she is always laughing and smiling just to be photo ready. She’s always laughing & smiling and absolutely at nothing. Puzzling! And too much hair toss-toss! Just sayin’.


  9. Liebe Nati
    Wie hast Du nur diesen Mantel finden können? Ich verfolge Deinen Blog bereits seit einigem Monaten und ich finde es bewundernswert, wieviel Zeit und Passion Du aufbringst. Vielen Dank für Deine unentwegte Arbeit, welche ich sehr schätze.
    Herzliche Grüsse aus der Schweiz,

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  10. Love it! I also agree with Nadia that it’s a beautiful picture. She’s got killer gams! Wish I had them that’s for sure. Good job, Amal. I think she needs to stick with elegant classy outfits, or the edgy ones. I don’t like her in those soft flowy baby doll outfits at all. I think only a younger girl can pull that off, or someone with different hair, features.

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  11. Of course she looks chic and élégant as a first lady , but this brainy woman deserve to become the first woman as général secrétary of the united nations , she fully hâve the compétence , the capacity , and the personnality to accomplish that job , it,sTime That things change .doń´t you think so ?


  12. Amal in Courrèges coat – my first impression : the pictures look like a fashion shoot for Vogue – advertisement for Courrèges etc. … you see this kind of advertisement for designer goods quite often done by some celebrity (actress, singer), here a human right lawyer doing it ???

    Second impression…: Coat is stiff and looks a bit like a lampshade or some hard shell on her very thin, frail body; the bag is stiff looking too, this reinforces the impression of stiffness. The whole outfit is not making her beautiful, also reinforces the thinness of her neck, arms and legs.

    Third impression : a very polished Amal, perfectly groomed, looking elitist and much $$$$$ … looking also at least 10 years older in this outfit … very stiff, tense, frail… trying hard …. she could be a lady from The Valley of the Dolls …

    Amal is not wearing her clothes – the clothes are wearing her; you see the same with models on the catwalk or fashion advertisements. A really elegant/chic woman is perceived first because of her personality, the clothes are just accessories, for enhancing her personality …

    This is all sad, Amal is beautifull and intelligent, she could do much better.


  13. I’m impressed you could ID a vintage coat like this!!!!!!!! WOW. She really is a style icon to me….now if I could just get legs like that. hahahaha

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    1. Today’s high end designers get a lot of inspiration from vintage pieces. Speaking as someone with relatives and friends in the fashion industry, I sometimes wonder if it would be possible to design an outfit that doesn’t in some way refer to earlier eras? It seems like the 80’s represented the end of true design innovation, and everything since the 1990’s has been built off of previous years’ trends.

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    2. OMG Gucci totally copied the coat! No wonder i dont like Gucci, they have no originality! Bad designers, and when they score it is because they are copying someone!


  14. I think I know why I don’t like this outfit – it’s too structured. It looks like something a little old lady would wear. It’s just a matter of personal taste, I guess.


    1. Lady, at first I thought the same thing!
      Soon i ve realized that it is just because she is too skinny that it seem that way. It looks too big on her.
      Try to imagine Jackie O or Grace Kelly and you can tell what was her intent.
      I think that she had bought it when she was a bit heavier and that if she had her hair up, it would have been much much better and classier 😉


  15. People keep pointing out that she is too skinny, but i really think she is just the same as before marrying George! Have you guys seen that picture of her before she got married?

    I think she is just the same, it is her genetics! I also doubt that she works out much. there is no much to tone up because she is already very slim and still young. I dont see much difference in her face either. That would be the first to show if she had lost weight, so looks the same to me.

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    1. Scroll through the early photos Nati has put up. She had nice hips and a bum once upon a time. Her face was round and full and she looked stunning. Very androgenic appearance now.


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