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Amal Clooney in Giorgio Armani at the press conference in Washington DC for the release of Mohamed Nasheed


Amal Clooney held a press conference in Washington DC today calling for the release of imprisoned former president of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed.

Amal Clooney appeared before reporters at the National Press Club at 10am Thursday, accompanied by Laila Ali, the wife of the jailed politician, and Jared Genser, the founder of organization Freedom Now.
Nasheed, the Indian Ocean archipelago’s first democratically elected leader who came to power in 2008, was convicted under tough anti-terror laws last month and sentenced to 13 years in prison.

On the same day, Amal Clooney published a brillant article in The Guardian :

To read it —> http://bit.ly/1EUvjmZ


Amal Clooney wore a chic navy pants suit with a grey tote embellished by a silk scarf and her Prada Havana sunglasses and jimmy Choo heels in navy.

Amal’s navy suit is by Giorgio Armani  


The sunglasses by Prada

Prada 15PS MA4 6S1 Havana



 The Agnes pumps by Jimmy Choo

Navy Suede Pointy Toe Stiletto Pumps




The scarf by Dolce and Gabbana

Length: 90cm Width: 90cm
Made in Italy



Amal’s bag is by Giorgio Armani from the cruise collection 2015


Here a video :

2015-05-01 08.18.21

2015-05-01 08.19.12IMG_20150501_064302           IMG_20150501_063951




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75 thoughts on “Amal Clooney in Giorgio Armani at the press conference in Washington DC for the release of Mohamed Nasheed

  1. Georgeous suit! Love the tucking in at the waist and the flared bottoms but just a bit too long.

    She looks so tired.


    1. Jon 321 – I think this is her normal look. I’ve seen her with those dark circles before.
      Perhaps we are so used to seeing celebrities with tons of makeup, Photoshop, flash, and good lighting that it’s strange to see someone who looks normal. 🙂
      The lighting in this room looks terrible (what we probably have in most offices).


      1. I agree with Italian Bird, lighting is for a lot. We can see the difference in lighting from one pic to another . Besides, a lawyers job is not enviable to me. Lots of reading and responsibility.

        Love the simplicity of this attire, very appropriate.

        Agree with Jon321, if i want to pick on something nay…that would be the pants length; a bit too long.

        Love the little scarf on the bag, a gentle and nice touch:)


    1. Yes, she needs to put on a little more weight to fill out her clothes. In those pictures she reminded me a little of a giraffe! She is so tall that she can handle some more weight, right now she looks out of proportion. She looked a lot healthier before she got married. As for her looking tired – I agree, but I think she looks stressed more than anything.


    2. I used to think it was just haters’ comments when they referenced her weight, but with these pics it’s become pretty apparent to me that she’s waaay too thin. It’s definitely not attractive anymore, plus it’s making her lovely face looks tired, older and haggard 😦
      If she has trouble putting weight on, maybe she could get a trainer for gaining muscle mass :s


    1. She looks great like that indeed, but you dont expect her to dress like that all the time, do you? Those are work clothing almost like an uniform, who wants to wear their work uniforms all the time? I LOVE the fact that she dress so different in her private life. Sexy, sassy, and all her Amalish Style. That is refreshing to me. We are not our working cloths!


  2. Amal is so fashion savvy. She knows how to dress for the occasion. And she definitely distinguishes her work from her social fashion choices with confidence. For the National Press Club and congressional visits in DC she couldn’t have made a better choice in her clothing selections.

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  3. Love the bag! I would die to have her bags for sure!

    I would wear a standard suit like this (obviously not designer/expensive/same quality) to work so I’m interested in her choice of shoes. Personally, I don’t like the shoes with this outfit at all. If they were the same color blue it would be fine for me but I’m not loving this combination. Love the grey/blue combination though….nice change from white (which is what I would likely wear).

    Suit: I am not loving the cut. Something seems a bit odd to me. In the picture of her standing outside with coffee cup and phone and in the picture of AC with John Kerry, the cut seems wrong. It’s like the sleeves are too short and the pants are too long. The length of the pants with the shoes in the John Kerry picture looks slouchy. The pants actually look too big for her (e.g. in picture of AC with chair). Anyway, I would imagine that this suit has been tailored for her proportions but yet I don’t think it looks great. The red suit she wore to Columbia last week was beyond perfection for her.


    1. She is too thin to fill it out properly. It looks like it’s hanging off her. Not sure what’s going on with the over exercising and not eating thing, but she’s not looking as amazing as she did on her wedding day – her face was fuller and less angular. She has a very androgenic appearance in some photos. She is thinner than the thin models. I hope she’s well. Maybe she needs to learn how to cope with stress better. Not sure what’s going on.


    2. You’re right about the cut of the jacket – the sleeves are too short. Also, it pulls a bit too much at the front button, allowing one to catch a glimpse of the shirt near the waist. So, the jacket is indeed too small for her.

      Other than that, I like the outfit.


      1. The red/white suit by Oscar de la Renta.
        Nati’s April 16th post.
        I think this is a fantastic suit and look for her.
        She looks like a million bucks.

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  4. Great to see her back at work again! This is what being married to George Clooney gets you — a forum at the National Press Club, and photo-ops with powerful politicians like Secretary of State John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the House of Representatives and Bob Corker, chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Not too shabby.

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    1. Im interested in your comment Janet – do you think she wouldn’t have been able to achieve this exposure/photo-op/case without George? This has not been achieved on her own merits? Please do elaborate. I enjoy your comments. Thank you.


      1. Jon321, I think her profile in the United States has soared because of her marriage. Honestly, as accomplished as she is, I don’t think she would have gotten this kind of attention before becoming Mrs. Clooney. I’m certainly not saying that they don’t love each other. I think the marriage has been good for both of them. BTW, I love your comments, too!


      2. Me too, i would like to read…because it seems to me that she already was friend with Sotomayor, and etc…maybe she would not have had the pictures taken and published as much, but perhaps still be able to have met these people regardless? Also, remember HOW she met George, where she was and how she got there before she met him, certainly not because of him. So… Interested in your views:)


    2. Seriously?

      You really think that marrying George Clooney got her a picture with John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi?

      The woman was advisor to Kofi Anan before meeting George Clooney. You don’t think she came across important and powerful people during that period? If not on her own merit,
      her mother has interviewed many heads of stated including Bill Clinton etc… You don’t think that if she was that power starved and photo opportunistic she would have had a chance to take plenty of selfies with plenty of powerful people?
      I would argue that Kerry and Pelosi are probably the ones looking for that photo op. We are going into election year in the US. Our politicians will suck up to anyone to get one more vote, and a picture with the “It” woman of the hour is definitely not beneath them…

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      1. I respectfully disagree, Friday. See my reply to Jon 321, above. And in any case, Kerry and Pelosi are not up for reelection, so meeting with her doesn’t do much in that respect.


      2. I agree with Frida. If she wasn’t married to George Clooney, she would have met the same public figures she does now. The difference is now she is simply photographed more. She was already successful, with a very high professional profile.

        It also amazes me how free people feel to comment on her weight. She’s thin. So what.

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  5. Love the suit! I also love her voice, the accent. She’s certainly a better public speaker than the Duchess of Cambridge!


    1. To my mind, her public speaking skills for a barrister leave much to be desired. She needs to vary her tone. I have yet to hear her say anything unscripted, or even something scripted which at least sounds unscripted. When she was interrupted by their justices at the ECJ, and was forced to go off-script, she fumbled a lot and hurriedly read through a scripted conclusion. Such an approach comes across as lacking in confidence. I would like to see how she handles questions, now that would be a true exposition of her public speaking abilities. Though there is no doubt that she writes well.


      1. ESR I have thought the same. She has a monotonous tone, mumbles, struggles to maintain eye contact, resorts to reading scripted well written arguments and cannot use inflection to underline her points. Her attempt at humour at one stage in this speech was missed. I also noticed her performance at the UN when asked to keep to time. Geoffrey Robertson tried to help her by handing her some notes but she became more flabbergasted. In my mind it speaks of anxiety, or poor preparation/underconfidence in the content or inexperience, or all of the above. Disappointing for a lawyer of her purported calibre. I would also like to see her look up more to her audience, vary her inflection, not mumble and answer questions. Greece was the same. Off a script. Meanwhile, Geoffrey Robertson could talk under water! Reflects an incisive intelligent quick mind, excellent knowledge of his cases, confidence and experience. But then again, I think he spends his time differently – probably not dressing for the catwalk between a car and restaurant door, and focusing on his work.


      2. I have to agree with some of what you wrote. She does needs to work better on getting off the paper. She has no doubt the capability to engage, i can see that there, and of course she writes great ! Perhaps she is a LOT nervous, after all public speaking is an animal on its own ( me personally i have done lots of public speaking, but every time i feel frightened, butterflies in the stomach, arhggsss!!) I think her arguing points are good, valid and strong, but the delivery needs to make it more impacting and imposing, like her protector boss Robertson…ahhh, he is FANTASTIC at that!! I could spend days listening and watching him speak!

        I do have to say this though: Despite her need to get off that paper and deliver her arguments like her boss, she hypnotizes me when she talks hahaha. That accent, those eyes, that sexy over bite and smile….ou la la!! I find listening to her fascinating, regardless 🙂


      3. I watched the whole press conference and actually she was better at answering questions at the end than reading her papers at the beginning of the conference. it’s as if she was nervous at the beginning, but then she got used to it and became more confident. It seemed that it will be better for her to talk off-script than just read prepared speeches. Also she needs to stop moving her body and head while talking and stand still. And it would be nice if she looks straight at the cameras from time to time like she does during her pap walks. Also I agree with you about the changing of tone. If she worked on these issues, her speeches will come off much more powerful and confident because she actually has a very commanding voice and presence. Have you seem her serious stares? She just needs to take herself a little bit more seriously and believe in herself. this is what politicians do to come across as confident and important figures. 😉 I believe she has a very strong hidden personality and I hope she’s able to embrace it more as she grows older and more experienced. Remember she’s only 37 and has been in this field for only 5 years and add to that the higher expectation thrown at her due to her sudden rise to fame. So good luck to her!


      4. Clara….can you give us the link? I couldn’t find the press conference strangely?? Thanks in advance.


      5. Yes. Barristers of her call at her set should have plenty of courtroom experience. But, as I said a few threads back, I get the sense that she has spent very little time on her feet. She does a lot of advisory work, sits of committees, and juniors on cases as a dogsbody. That’s all fine, but she also needs to take on her own cases (nothing flash, ordinary people’s life stuff would be fine – they have human rights too!). Looking at her CV, I don’t get the sense she did much of that, which accounts for why she has the some of the worst public speaking skills I have seen in a barrister who live and die by their ability to advocate.

        This does make sense, however, because Amal did not intend to be a barrister. She started off a solicitor, to which I think she is more suited, and ‘fell into’ the Bar when Geoffrey Robertson offered her a job after she came in to do some advisory work. So, to be fair to her, I don’t think it was a natural choice.

        I agree with Clara, I think she is very nervous. I would be too if I knew that it wasn’t just an empty courtroom but the world’s media (and most of them there because of her new-found fame). The only way to improve one’s advocacy is to practise it. But unless she gets back to the UK and actually takes on some fairly minor cases, she isn’t going to any experience! If she continues with the kind of work she is doing now, I can’t see her public speaking improving much.


      6. I watched the press conference live on this website: http://free.presidentnasheed.com/live But I don’t think we can re-watch it now because they only aired it live. I find it strange too that no Maldives news website has the video in its achieves. Well maybe the government doesn’t want its people to watch it. but then why isn’t it on other news websites or even youtube. I don’t know honestly, but I hope someone uploads it. What’s the point of the conference if the people who missed it can’t watch it again?
        ESR I agree with you. I first noticed that she hadn’t given a lot of speeches in her past from all the way back in the Greek conference. The fact that she was a solicitor and only recently she became a barrister is very evident till today. However, as I said, she still has a lot of time to improve herself. Maybe this transition in her career was for the better. As a barrister, she can use her fame to bring awareness to her cases. Maybe if she had continued to work behind the scenes as a solicitor, she wouldn’t have this opportunity today. See some things happen in our lives and we don’t really realize their purpose or effects until later on in life. Also I think Geoffery Robertson saw something special in her. I can see her potential too. She just needs to re-focus her vision and re-think her priorities. I believe she’s passionate about her work and means well, but she’s a little bit taken away by her personal life. She needs to leave NYC and get back to London. Maybe that will put her back on track.

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    2. …..’only 37?’ She is functioning at the evel of a lawyer 10 years her junior. You really need to see a proficient 27 year old lawyer and then see a proficient 37 year old lawyer to realise how behind the ball she is in her presentation skills. She won’t ever catch up to her same aged peers – she’s bright, she’s got the right degrees, but is too distracted.

      Lecturing and writing books is actually not highly esteemed work in the legal industry – “those that do, do” is the saying. …”and those that can’t, teach and write about it”….. It’s the same in all high levels fields.


    3. Vavashagwell…

      Love the name, by the way 🙂
      If you are interested in Kate’s fashion, there is a great site: http://whatkatewore.com/
      It’s really well done, I think. Very comprehensive.
      I’m guessing you are from the UK so you may already know about this site.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nati – Who is your friend? Vavashagwell or the person who runs the ‘WhatKateWore’ website?


  6. This great. As always immaculate But these pictures ( imagine light that a ccentuates ) catches my attention the thinness of Amal. I hope that this caring .
    Esta estupenda . Como siempre impecable Pero en estas fotos (la luz me imagino que la acentua ) me llama la atencion la delgadez de Amal . Espero que se este cuidando


  7. I don’t like this suit at all. Looks like an ill-fitting suit off the rack. Pants drag, shoes don’t go with it style or color wise. I’m surprised she thought this was flattering.


    1. Lulu….
      I made similar comments about the suit.

      May I ask a question?
      What type/color of shoe would you suggest with this suit?
      I ask because I am fashion clueless so love to hear any and all suggestions as I wear similar type suits.


  8. She may be stressed. While she’s clearly not chained to her desk in London or in court, she is still probably extremely busy. She does have an awful lot going on.

    CASES: She will have to review materials, read masses of transcripts, do legal research, construct an argument and write the legal brief (judging by the huge binder she had in court in Strasbourg on the Armenia case and in DC today, those ‘briefs’ can be very lengthy). She is probably still reviewing materials with respect to the Northern Ireland “Hooded Men” torture case. Historic cases such as those tend to have a lot of documents. Plus she may be required to write legal opinions or even review the work of junior counsel in her office.

    ADVISORY WORK: She is Member of Expert Panel of Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative formed by UK Foreign Secretary William Hague to gather evidence of sexual crimes committed in conflict zones.

    WRITING: She is co-authoring a book, which is scheduled to be published next year (The Right to a Fair Trial in International Law, with H. Morrison and P. Webb (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2016). There will be revisions, emails and editorial meetings/Skype calls with her co-authors and deadlines to be met.

    TEACHING: She teaches at Columbia so she will have to prepare lectures and keep office hours.
    The New York Times article (“How Amal took New York”) mentioned that she “greeted a man preparing slides for the class”, so it seems she has to prepare her Powerpoint presentations for her lectures.

    Plus she has social obligations and has to make time for husband and family. She just needs to stop eating ‘half portions’ and eat a bit more.

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      1. Or teacher.

        Or mother.

        Ie. We are all busy with responsibilities. Don’t glamorise or overexaggerate her job description.


      2. JON321, I know that. I am just pointing out that there is a lot going on behind the scenes that isn’t reported. Some people seem to think that all she does is shop and socialize because that is what is reported. If you believe everything you read in the tabloid press, then I feel sorry for you. She wears two or three designers which means she can do a major shop for clothes in one go. Furthermore, how well do you think you (or any of us on this forum) would hold up under such glaring spotlights with people constantly pointing out all your flaws? That is not something the average lawyer or mother has to cope with. She is doing well and it is nice to see a smart, successful woman in the public eye. It’s a lot better than those dreadful Khardashians.

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    1. She could easily manage her workload if she stopped shopping and socialising so much. The workload you have mentioned could be carried by a part-time barrister very easily. The workloads amongst people at sets of her calibre are much higher. She has been fairly light touch since she got married.

      I do agree that she looks immensely stressed. On the other hand, she looks lovely and not at all stressed whilst out with George/her family at dinners or on set. So my guess is the stress is not due to the quantity of her workload, she is one of those people that is stressed *by* working. Especially with such attention.


    2. Daisy,

      Just FYI…..

      From my understanding, AC is not teaching a whole course at Columbia but she is merely a guest lecturer in Professor Sarah H. Cleveland’s Human Rights course. AC will be speaking about human rights litigation to students in the school’s Human Rights Clinic. Columbia says this: ‘To bridge theory and practice, the Human Rights Clinic provides students with hands-on experience working on active human rights cases and projects.’

      Columbia’s spring semester began January 20th, 2015 and ends on May 15th (exams included). Thus, if I’m not mistaken, AC was in LA in the month of January and didn’t move to NYC until late February/early March. Thus, she cannot possibly be teaching a course as is claimed in the news. She also has a female assistant assigned to her from Columbia (Claire) and, as you mentioned, a man who prepared her slides for her.

      My *guess* is that she presented in this course 2-4 times but she is not preparing exams/grading/etc. As the students have been given a gag order about her, not sure if we’ll know the extent of her involvement for sure.


    1. It’s great that the Maldives is getting attention bce Westerners should boycott holidaying there – do they know where their money goes? Straight to the Islamofascists running the place. Tourism accounts for 30% (at least) of their income and they employ foreigners, under oppressive conditions, to work in their resorts. By holidaying there, Westerners are funding this extremism.

      The only issue I have with this whole Press Conference publicity thing – and this is not with Amal as all lawyers do this – is the one sidedness of the argument and Amal’s portrayal of Nasheem as an “innocent” man. But this is typical PR.

      Nasheem is as aristocratic and corrupt as any other Maldives leader. He has also caused and created human rights violations. Though I completely agree, he received an unfair trial and this should be addressed. But to portray him as “innocent” is naive and misleading to the general public who will not be aware of the political history of the Maldives and will not objectively research anything Amal said.


  9. I do have to say this though: Despite her need to get off that paper and deliver her arguments like her boss, she hypnotizes me when she talks hahaha. That accent, those eyes, that sexy over bite and smile….ou la la!! I find listening to her fascinating, regardless 🙂 I LOVE HER BRITISH ACCENT!!


  10. Hey, isn’t that… Amal Clooney, making the rounds of the finer Senate eating establishments Thursday afternoon? The glamorous human rights attorney (and, oh yeah, wife of Capitol Hill regular George Clooney) was spotted at the buffet in the basement of the Dirksen Senate Office Building, then later swinging by the “Senate Chef” cafe in the neighboring Hart Building. (Salad at the buffet, our spy says — you don’t have a figure like that on a diet of Senate bean soup.)



  11. Her usual style is so “look at me! look at me!” that I find it somewhat refreshing to see her dress down a bit. I am a lawyer also. She may have to spend time on her legal work, but I think A LOT of her time goes into “What am I going to wear today to get attention and look good in a picture?”.
    Every outfit is a somewhat contrived orchestration, even this one, with the “scarf” on the bag, that in a way indicates some kind of over preoccupation with her appearance, and perhaps underlying insecurity or narcissism. I think this outfit supports a previous comment I made that without the high fashion, she is overall rather ordinary looking. I’m still on the fence as to whether I think she is even pretty.


    1. Dear Jackie: Because she places a scarf on her bag she is overly preoccupied and a narcissist??? Geee… How long does such gesture takes? I do that all the time, it is no big deal, no big task. Just because she is a lawyer she mustn’t be a fashion lover? How unattractive should a lawyer be?? Come on! Cut yourself some slacks and dont convert such interesting profession for women into a man’s only profession. She is a woman and a REAL woman must ALWAYS leave a feminine and delicate trail behind her, that is what makes us beautiful goddesses. Such little gestures also differ us from men. Unless you are a feminist, you mustn’t bash her for such a simple delicate and feminine touch, and of course fashion touch. I do that all the time and, heck, it takes a few seconds! It is like wearing earrings, it is just another accessory, a fine touch. I LOVED IT!

      I dont get it when other women dont appreciate her own kind being what they are supposed to be: unique, delicate, feminine, classy, WOMEN. THANKS GOD MEN DO APPRECIATE THAT!!


      1. I actually wasn’t referring to just the scarf, bur rather to all of her overly contrived fashion choices. Compared to lets say Jackie Kennedy or Duchess Kate, two very well dressed women with great taste, I think Amal’s clothing choices are a distraction rather than an enhancement. She appears like she spends too much time figuring out every aspect of her wardrobe before she walks out the door, except for the most recent outfit not yet published here wherein she is looking almost anorexic. You can see she has some kind of issue.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3065799/Amal-Clooney-takes-family-visit-George-set-Money-Monster.html


    2. I’m with Jackie. It’s a distraction and shows a preoccupation with presentation. If she was that preoccupied with her oral speaking skills, she would’ve smashed that speech. Instead, that attention to detail (the scarf), shows her focus and energy goes into more mundane, materialistic image related things. A picture does speak a thousand words.


      1. jon321, i am sorry, but perhaps to you, placing a scarf on the bag seems a distraction – as same as someone else who pointed out that she was distracted because she had perfect manicure for her France’s court appearance – I dont get this logic because it is a normal routine to dress up nice, have nice manicure, put on make up, add accessories ( again, two secs for that scarf !) …so…i REALLY dont see where you get the impression she is spending a lot of time putting her outfits together, because i find her dressing attire and accessories rather simple, minimal, her routine seems to be reflective of most of professional women’s routine. The only difference i see on Amal’s is that she wears expensive clothing. I do agree however, that a life under the spotlight can be a very self-aware thing and her new life style is indeed an extra addition to her demanding job, as is her getting married (or anyone else getting married) it is an extra load for sure.

        Her lack of totally committed delivery on her speech is indeed lack of practice and nervousness for sure. After all, it must be hard for her to have to do her presentations under the loop of hundreds of cameras now. Indeed she will need to get more practice on that. But to blame it on her dressing routine i find it questionable. All of us have to do the same each day. In her case, it is actually easy, since she wears minimal makeup, very minimal accessories, the clothing are sent to her and her styles are simple, not mind bugging or out of this world. If it wasn’t for the price tag it would be very much like most women out there! Also, it appears that she has been a fashion inclined her entire life, so i am sure she has gained a good practice by now 😉

        Anyways… maybe you are judging her based on your reality and routine? I am assuming you too do the same things each day, right? How long would take you to put on one of Amal’s looks? I am sincerely interested to know. After all, it is interesting to me to discover others daily realities and routines 🙂


  12. She is very thin making the suit appear ill fitting. I would have loved to see more of the shoes. The pants do nothing for her figure. She’s the only person I can think of who has lost weight not gained it after quitting smoking 🙂


  13. TOO thin to get pregnant. She needs to learn to cook, spend a little less on clothes, and a little more time eating and discover cheap chic.


  14. I enjoy this site very much, it is so well done. I enjoy checking in almost ever say, sometimes more when I am anxious for an ID. I am hopeful you can ID the grey bag she is carrying with her navy suit. It is understated and professional. I appreciate any time and energy you must expend to share this information.

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