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Amal Clooney spotted in New York in J.Brand and Gucci 28.04.2015

281E6D0700000578-0-image-m-41_1430270447229Amal Clooney was spotted in New York yesterday with her mother Baria.

Tomorrow she will probably attend the National Press Conference with the wife of former President of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed who is currently in detention.

Amal  Clooney was perfect casual styled and her colors combinations are amazing 🙂

She wore :

a J. Brand Lais jacket

J BRAND leather jacket

1 585.40 fr.

10897675_4334575_1000 (1)10897675_4334579_1000 (1)10897675_4334576_1000 (1)10897675_4334581_100010897675_4334583_1000

— > The LAIS J.BRAND is still available here 🙂





The jeans are by Citizens of Humanity

Corey Slouchy Slim in Bourbon

1524B-357 bourbon $248.00

813898ddd78038ef57cbb0d0b422021cM d67d69d6774b56c2a6f6386d719b1d10M db28ff2505e5e407488a657e13d9a97eM e46b32cdfd34e07e97b09be20b0e3564M

Gucci python horsebit ankle boots

no. 363803 EKNT0 2670 Price $1595


Amal’s bag in brown by Ballin

970 Euros


Sunglasses cat-eye by Heidi London

Olive Brown Cateye Frame Sunglasses (Limited Edition) – £165


281E750100000578-0-image-m-37_1430269987015 281E6E6C00000578-0-image-m-40_1430270039741 281E74F900000578-0-image-m-39_1430270023029 281E74F100000578-0-image-m-42_1430270495478 281E750900000578-0-image-m-38_1430270010213

40 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in New York in J.Brand and Gucci 28.04.2015

      1. I like the combination of colors, as well. Not a fan of the booties, but at least she’s wearing things more than once. I guess you can tell what she has decided to keep when designers send her things to wear.

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  1. Waist up = classy; I like the look
    Waist down = nothing classy about ripped jeans and dead snake.
    Move on from the snakes Amal. You are an educated woman.


    1. I agree with you. Age appropriate comes to mind…she should think about what she wears and is it appropriate for her age…she is pushing 40!!!!


    2. I totally agree with dead skin issue.. and i HATE THESE BOOTS!! Even Pay-less Shoes do a much better job than Gucci!! Horrible design. I would not wear it even if i was paid to do, and it looks so uncomfortable too :((


  2. I find the ripped jeans ridiculous … and the snake skin is a NO-NO!!!! Apart from that she looks good as ever, not disappointed!


  3. It has been awhile since I commented….but without the boots this would be a boring outfit. Individually the pieces are nice but the high style, coloring and texture of the boots really pull it all together. What’s so fun about Amal’s fascinating style is that you want to double and triple check it to see why it seems so seamless! She is definitely the top of celebrity style watching because of her unique combination of beauty, brains and panache!

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      1. A mi tambien me gusta el equipo Las botas no son mi estilo pero son atrevidas y que da bien . Y que bien reunion familiar ¡¡¡


  4. READ THIS GUCCI GUCCI: I HATE THESE BOOTS!! In my opinion ALL is wrong with it; the design is awful, it does not follows human leg shape, the length interacts with the jeans length, it looks so uncomfortable, and last but most definitively NOT LEAST, the snake skin choice… GUCCI? ARE YOU LEFT IN STONE AGE?? All thumbs down to you!! Please send your designers to take some class at Payless Shoes school, if that is what you are aiming for? Mind you that even Pay-less would do a better job in designing these ugly boots. Yes i sound A=N=G=R=Y= hahahah yes i am, dont mess with the good boot lovers!!! Especially if you expect me to pay more than a penny for these boots. Did i say ugly??


  5. Amal must have been bitten by a snake once and became numb to Good Boots Judgement making her wear these horrendous boots! It looks like made of cheap plastic! ..or..wait…maybe it looks that stiff because the snake was still ALIVE when they made it? Which one was it Amal??


  6. love all else on this looks, even the DESTROYED jeans 🙂 Why do people do that to a new pair of jeans?? And charge more money for it?? It passes my understanding….


  7. I adore Amal but I wish she’d leave the slouchy boyfriend jeans to die already (she seems to favor that silohuette, IDK why) since they don’t do her boyish figure no favors. They accentuate the fact that she’s extremely slim-hipped with a very small butt.
    I think the new trend for more flared and fitted jeans would definitely suit her proportions much better. We’ve seen her in flared pants and she looks great, so it’s time to abandon the slouchy, skinny jeans for a boot-cut style.


    1. I actually love the jeans but I don’t think they do a lot for her either. She is a very lovely slim woman and somehow, these jeans seem to make her look almost sickly thin.


    1. Hi Milli,
      I know you’re saying the Gucci boots are ugly, but in English it looks like you’re saying sterben gucci!!!


  8. I think the sweater with jacket and boots are so structured that it doesn’t look right with the ripped jeans. A great pair of dark bootcut or even slightly flared ankle jeans without holes would have suited the top half really well.


  9. I think she is comfortable in those jeans and looks fine. I like the jacket and sweater makes the look a bit more put together not too messy or casual.


  10. This outfit is very elegant. I love the colors and the boots, which make this outfit even better.
    I think that this outfit shows also that Amal is not pregnant. It looks like she’s exercising a lot (I mean – her hands) and she is in fact more skinny and skinny day by day. As someone said, her sister Tala is a good example that you don’t have to be super thin to look good. I am not a kind of person that write in every post that someone is too skinny or something, but I just think that she doesn’t have to lose weight more. That’s good that she tries to keep fit, eat healthy and practice sport, but there is a fine line. Anyway, I hope she’s happy now.

    Nati, can you write something about the National Press Conference and are there any photos of Amal from this event? I am very interested in her professional career and sometimes I wonder how she can find time to fulfill all her duties (academic and legal career, meeting with family and friends, fashion etc.).

    Also, I am not good at finding IDs, but…. I found somewhere on the instagram that in this outfit she had Tahitian pearl earrings. Maybe it can helps to find a good ID.

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    1. This website is the FIRST source for the IDs. Fashion and gossip magazines steal everything here and without a credit. About Instagram, there are a lot of fake profiles with the same name as here and they take one picture here, one picture here and they get 6000 followers.


      1. I understand. You are doing a great work in searching for these all IDs.
        It’s sad that magazines steal information from this website without writing the appropriate source.

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  11. I love the J Brand jacket and this look is so much her ! She seems to be happy and relaxed with her mum with her. Good to see her being like this

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