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Amal Clooney spotted in Giambattista Valli in New York 16.04.2015

image Amal Clooney was spotted yesterday in New York . She wore Giambattista Valli trousers with her Heidi London sunglasses and Stella McCartney bag.

Her flared trousers are from the Spring collection 2015 of Giambattista Valli


Giambattista Valli

Capturevalli1 Capturevalli12 Capturevalli13

With hexagonal sunglasses by Heidi London




Amal’s bag is by Sella McCartney

With thanks to MK, Amal’s bag is from the Pre Fall collection 2015 of Stella McCartney

and could be pre-ordered at Neiman Marcus


And we have the shoes ! With big thanks to Robin for the ID !


Black Camilla Skovgaard booties with rubber saw soles.

220 $



She completed her outfit with black pearls earrings and black tank top.

Get the look for less with these trousers :

Flare of Mystery Black and White Print Pants
$64 COLOR: Black and White Print



You can complete the look on Lulus.com !


58 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in Giambattista Valli in New York 16.04.2015

  1. She looks great as always – but has made same bra mistake again (pictures 1 & 2) – should have chosen a black textured bra rather than skin tone to add another dimension to her top if it was going to show.
    Style goddess!


  2. I Love those sunglasses! Most chic part of her ensemble. Glad she’s wearing flares. I have a pair back in my closet for 18 months now. I can take them out and wear them again with confidence now that she’s given them 2 thumbs up. I won’t feel out of style. She needs to wear a black bra with that tank top, her nude one is peeking out too much under her arms.


  3. I don’t know – the pattern on the pants is nice, the bell bottoms are ok, but the length is wrong (toooooo long) and the chunky shoes are wrong and the tan bra showing is wrong – her makeup and hair, lovely – really like the natural look on her – almost a winner, but just not right – I don’t know what it is – it just looks looks like she’s on stilts. She’s ignoring the cameras and not fingering or flicking her hair – both of which remind me of the pre-wedding photos – I prefer this demure Amal to the self-aggrandising images we were seeing for a while there.


    1. i have a very similar one. you’ll love it. it’s very practical and you can fit everything in it. mine is black, so it matches everything i wear. and because of it’s simple design, I can wear it to many places and occasions! i can’t believe me and Amal have similar bags! 🙂

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  4. Hi Nati – Her handbag looks like the Nora soft chain strap hobo bag for $1850. It is from the pre/fall collection and Neiman Marcus is taking orders on-line. This is one of my favorite outfits. I love the pants!

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      1. Hi – I received an email from Neiman Marcus to shop pre-fall designer collections unfortunately it seems to be a private limited event. I can’t seem to get a link. I could forward the email, that may work.


  5. Really nice casual Spring outfit; Amal wears it beautifully, but…
    She’s SO thin! She looks healthy, though, so maybe she is just like that naturally. Lucky girl!


  6. I like this out fit – she looks fantastic here – except the wedge shoes. At least, thanks to those amazing pants, you can’t see too much of the shoes. Would look amazing with a pair of high-heeled black Swedish clogs with wooden soles (like Swedish Hasbeens’ sky high Suzanne).


  7. I like this ” casual Amal” too. She’s tall but not Amazonian tall , but definitely gives off that appearance . I am the same height as she but definitely don’t appear this tall. I guess the super thinness makes an impact on that illusion . I think she’s starting to get used to the camera and paparazzi , she doesn’t have the usual toothy smile that we saw in earlier photos.


  8. She is just skin and bones! Looks too skinny… Still I like her style very much. Classy and elegant. And I love the Amal bag. Some day I will have my own. But she should relax a bit, but it’s understandable she has pressure. Anyone would, when every step you take is documented by paparazzis.


  9. I used to admire her madly.
    Now just a bit jaded, she has left herself become a puppet of the fashion world, sad.
    Wearing clothes you can’t even buy yet makes you a magazine ad, not a style icon IMO.
    I had greater hopes, she had a real job once.


    1. Nati, thanks for all the extra work you do on this blog. Some curiosities:

      1. She most likely wears clip-in hair extensions as the volume of her hair varies by day and outfit.
      2. She almost immediately stopped the hair flicking/fingering/petting. Must be reading the comments on the blogs. Wonder how she feels when she reads comments. Or when the pr folks tell her to tone it down with the hai


      1. Yes, she has some hair extensions. Here, it is public blog, with any commercial goals. Respect is requested. And the hateful comments are not posted.


      2. Sorry Nati. I didn’t mean for my comment to come across as hateful – quite the opposite – just wanted to give you the opportunity to challenge what the folks on other George Clooney fan sites were saying, that’s all.


    2. Nati, I don’t think this is the carlysle, which is on Madison ave and she appears to be walking on fifth ave as you can see Central Park behind her. Also, the address on the doorman’s jacket says 1045 fifth e which is a residential building on fifth ave , but also had doctors offices there….

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      1. Ok, going to go out on a limb , but I have a strong hunch she is pregnant or trying to get pregnant. There is a fertility clinic in that building she was entering.


      2. Nice detective work! I am fascinated to see if they have kids or not. I always wondered if George never wanted children and that was why so many of his relationships never lasted. I thought perhaps Amal never wanted kids either and that’s why she remained single for so long and found her match with George. It does interest me why Amal had never been married….good looking, intelligent, great job – she seems like a catch! Either she was really picky ( fair enough) or maybe she has some quirks about her….we only see what they want us to see. None of us really have the faintest idea what she is like as a person – which makes her intriguing!


    3. I feel sorry for her too. There are many negative side effects of fame – the allure of wealth, access, preferential treatment, public adoration – it’s lifetime membership to an exclusive club – and that feeling of ‘specialness’ is addictive. Amal was predisposed to becoming a fashion victim from her pre-George days – George has just magnified it a thousand time fold. There is a choice in how she manages her new fame – she has unfortunately taken the typical route of advertising clothes when she could’ve used her fame for so many other purposes. I feel jaded too, but have come to accept that she’s a lawyer, but that doesn’t mean she is insightful and morally superior – she seems to want to be defined by her fashion choices – it is superficial, fickle, vain and narcissistic – but we are not here to discuss the reality of her persona – if we just enjoy her for her fashion, not her character, then the jadedness is manageable. I had to ‘work hard’ to ‘forgive’ her for reminding me of a ‘LA Housewife’!!! 😉 now I just look at the fashion much like I look at what any other celebrity wears.


      1. Great Insight Jon321. It is the best approach because there is too much speculation into celebrities lives by the tabloids. I take it all very lightly because i know how it works. As for her character, it would be foolish of us to assume she is trying to provide a role model in all the senses. As with myself and with anyone, i apply understanding that nobody is perfect and as long as they keep some decency in their act they are allowed to my compassion:) I am not quite sure what Amal is all about and i guess that is what keeps me curious. I try to not make too much of a big deal around my expectations, and just enjoy the fun parts, like the fashion as well 🙂


  10. Sorry got cut off –

    3. Are you related to Amal? On Clooney Aficionados. The folks on there are suggesting that you’re somehow related. Is that true?

    I do hope you post! Congrats on the great work!!! 🙂


      1. Everybody is reading your blog Nati. Mimicry is the greatest form of flattery they say. Keep up the great work. I agree with the comment above that DM is reading this and so are G and A and ‘their people’. Did you ever imagine it would become this influential!? Your blog is happening!

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      2. Let’s see. If DM picks up on my detective work and mentions pregnancy rumors. Then, we will know they are reading this blog !!!


  11. I also love this outfit. It’s very elegant and the look is attainable for those of us not keen on mortgaging the house for the lovely designer clothes ☺. I covet that bag. For me the trousers are too long but maybe it’s just the new style and just getting used to the new lines?

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  12. I Love everything about this outfit, too. It reminds me of Jackie O., who seems to inspire some of her style. Very pretty!


  13. As always I am in agreement of how lovely, bright, beautiful, classy Amal is and how fun she dresses. I guess, however, I am a bit disappointed that every selection of clothing she wears endorses the extremely high end haute couture brands. And that’s exactly what Giambattista Valli, Stella McCartney, etcetera want her to do. In the beginning, I really thought Amal would take the high road and not get sucked in to that. Instead, she jumped right on board and remains a flashing billboard for them. And that’s exactly why we see her in little lunch meetings with these people. I’m not criticizing her, but rather just surprised she let herself get “sucked in”. It’s like saying, “Okay, I’m IN the club now. I’m a celebrity, too, so I will dress like the housewives of Beverly Hills”. I’m starting to forget that she is an attorney. She’s now turned into “I’m famous for marrying someone famous.” It’s a bit disappointing. Time will tell, but it appears these designers are seeking her out to wear and endorse their clothing. She stands TALL without them and I feel she should have said, “No Thanks!” 🙂


    1. She always loved designers clothing and with the celebrity factor it is normal to be approached by the designers or famous brands. I think Amal can match the colors very well. I like her color combinations. She wants to be perfect for his husband and that is love. Her style is classy and fresh. Nothing to do with the houswives of Beverly Hills. She is a barrister and has a real job.


      1. I agree, there is no comparison to the trashy housewives! I do want her to mix and match some of the higher end items with lower priced ones


    2. I have to agree with you Jaclyn. I dont know why all reports on her work and cases suddenly stopped!?! We dont read anything on it anymore?…what happened to the the Egypt case? The Marbles? The Armenian case, etc? Now is all and only about her designer clothing….i am afraid i will bore faster if no other stimulation to my brain hahaha …specially if i continue to see she wearing fur ;-( I know she has way much to offer than just that!!


      1. In another hand, however, we as women are so demanding with ourselves…we expect a woman to do it all these days, dont we? We want her to be a perfect wife and give time to her husband, be present in his life, have kids and etc…that goes with that, be gorgeous and a fashionista, be inspirational to the world, a role model, and on top of that, exercise with perfection, a very demanding high profile job, such as an international lawyer ( or whatever type lawyer, as i find this profession rather difficult to do). Gladly for her she is rich and can almost accommodate all of our expectations, otherwise…But even then, people will lash no matter what. If she did not dress how she does we would classify her as a “plain jane”..if she did not show up on her hubby set to support him and show presence in his life, we would say she is just a selfish, self absorbed just using him… and blah blah blah…

        In the strive to conquering it all, it is indeed hard, for women especially, to balance all these worlds. I am sure all women can relate to that. To be successful in ALL counts is a very challenging task indeed. Left to be discovered, if indeed necessary.


  14. White bra with a black top? The booties are far too heavy with this outfit. I do love everything else. The pants are really great.


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