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Amal Clooney spotted in Oscar de la Renta on the Columbia University campus 15.04.2015


Amal Clooney was spotted chic style while stepping out for a coffee with a friend on the New York campus of Columbia University on Wednesday. She wore a beautiful suit by Oscar de la Renta, with Heidi London sunglasses and Ballin brown Amal’s bag. She was perfect ! Love the complete outfit !

Similar dress by Oscar de la Renta

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Amal’s bag in brown by Ballin

970 Euros



Sunglases cat-eye by Heidi London

Olive Brown Cateye Frame Sunglasses (Limited Edition) – £165


HeidiLondon-BrownOlive-Amal-Cateye-Sunglasses_massive Box_massive

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54 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in Oscar de la Renta on the Columbia University campus 15.04.2015

  1. Seeing her in the ripped jeans, and this beautiful style, all while being a guest professor at Columbia University, She is gorgeous, dresses beautifully but her style is creative and different. On top of all the outward beauty she is exceptionally well educated and accomplished woman, all at the age of 36. I see why George Clooney finally got married. SHe is truly a fascinating woman.

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  2. I have to agree with everyone else here – she looks flawless. If I was to wear it, though, I’d want a slightly longer skirt (mostly because there’s a dress code at work).

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  3. Amal must be causing quite the scene at Columbia, where people dress down, not up! I love everything but the shoes. Such high heels have their place, but I wish she would start a trend by wearing chic but more comfortable, lower heels. Women shouldn’t have to destroy their feet day in and day out.


    1. I have to Agree with you Janet…there is something about these shoes that just dont quite fit. Maybe it is the super think heel, or its details competing with the details on her dress/suit…. definitely not recommended for long teaching sessions, which doesn’t seem to be her case…but nevertheless…..

      Love the color of this outfit, even though a bit too Barbie’s closet, and all else, including the shoes (but not with this outfit)…and not on my shoes unfortunately i cant wear pointing shoes :(( It would had been perfect with the nude ones she had with the white/cream suit.

      oh well, she is turning heads, no matter what we opinion hahah


    1. I’m an academic – faculty at a college. Skirts knee-length or longer, but no shorter, are encouraged – if one chooses to wear a skirt or dress to work – because professionalism should be conveyed to students and, for those working in the affiliated hospital, patients at all times. Also, for those conducting research in labs, certain types of clothing are required to prevent contact with harmful substances (closed-toe shoes, for instance). It’s pretty much standard dress code for most universities and research facilities. I attended a liberal arts college as an undergrad, and, when attending classes, everyone had to go by the dress code, which was similar.


  4. This is how you do it, girl. Less make up, less hair, more skirt. Amal, you look fabulous!

    She and the guy walking with her make a nice couple. haha.. Sorry, George. 🙂


  5. love it ❤ she always looks the best in an Oscar de la Renta outfit. better than a Giambattista Valli one (or any other designer in this case). it's so sad that Oscar died shortly after he started collaborating with Amal. I wanted to see her wearing more of his designs 😦 they were a good team that oozed elegance and class. Channel comes close, but Oscar was just perfect for Amal. Anna Wintour knew what she was doing 😉 So far i don't like Valli's designs on Amal. He, unlike Oscar, doesn't seem to understand the "girly-professional" look that Amal looks the best in. it looks like he is just sending her random outfits for her to wear/promote. After all, he knows Amal doesn't mind trying on different things.

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  6. appropriately dressed for sure, I just don’t see why she wears high heel in campus …a court heel would be much more logical,


  7. Has there been a positive i.d. on the pretty diamond lever back square earrings she often wears? Any idea what the center stone is?


    1. I’m pretty sure the earrings are Harry Winston. I think they were ID here. I’m almost positive they were a gift from George. She has worn them on several occasions including before her engagement and on the evening she and George posed for People Mag at the restaurant when they formally confirmed their engagement.


  8. I am à Man , when i look at her ,she gives me lots of emotion , That reminds me old Time when women were élégant and chic , bravo to the artist ,


  9. She looks beautiful as always. The gentleman with her is very attractive. They look good together. Makes you realize how old George looks when he’s next to her.


    1. Agreed. My MIL’s 2nd husband was 17 years older when they wed at ages 31 and 48. She said it really didn’t seem like a big deal until she was 63 and he was 80. She turned into a nurse care giver until he passed.


  10. Did you see that when the Amal this with George, she poses for photographers, like a Hollywood star? making faces
    And when she is alone she looks normal girl?


  11. Love the muted lipstick…..yes, the skirt just an inch longer……those shoes!!!!!!…not good for a teacher ……I’m a teacher if I wore those shoes I would be considered nuts….maybe she’ll change once in the classroom……


  12. New pics of her wearing a gorgeous Valli flare pants and a black sleeveless top with a Stella bag. Overall, summer chic! Nice.


  13. How does she do it? Does she have her own personal hair stylist, fashion stylist, makeup man, personal assistant??? To look as good as she does and as well groomed as she does 100% of the time is just amazing! I’m in awe. Sure, I do not like all of her outfits, but even in a less-than stellar outfit, she still shows up perfectly polished and poised. That is very impressive!

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    1. She does it because she doesn’t have children and she doesn’t cook, clean, shop for groceries, iron, do the gardening etc etc. and her job doesn’t appear to be 9-5, it seems very flexible. That leaves a lot of time to get ready to leave the house.

      She looks fabulous. Agree re the comments on the nice shade of lipstick and the young man accompanying her, he does ‘suit’ her look better than George; agree also re the inappropriate shoes to give a lecture (though they are gorgeous!). Maybe because she’s Amal, the same rules that apply to the other academics are not expected, or maybe she just doesn’t care, she likes them so she wears them! Either way, pink is gorgeous on her. She can wear any colour.


      1. I don’t think they are the ones 😦
        The pair that AC are wearing seem to have more cut-outs where the toes begin (where the toes touch the rest of the foot).
        Sigh….why doesn’t AC just log in here and let us know where she got them 🙂

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