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Egypt Should Send Canadian Journalist Mohamed Fahmy Home – New article by Amal Clooney


Amal Clooney has published an article in the Huffington Post about the situation of Mohamed Fahmy who is still in Egypt. To read the article :

“I now plan to visit Egypt to meet with my client and discuss the status of the case with Canadian and Egyptian officials. Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has acknowledged my request and my visa application is currently being processed. I hope that such a visit can lead to a swift and complete resolution of this case.”

Amal Clooney will visit Egypt.

4 thoughts on “Egypt Should Send Canadian Journalist Mohamed Fahmy Home – New article by Amal Clooney

  1. I’m not sure Canada needs to call in favours for this person. I feel badly for him, of course. But don’t agree that Canada is responsible for him.


    1. Well he does have the Canadian citizenship. so technically Canada is responsible for him. However, lets say he was only Egyptian with no other citizenship and Canada was able to rescue him, wouldn’t you like Canada to do so. A have a friend who was in a war zone in one African country that I unfortunately can’t recall its name. the American Embassy was collecting all the American citizens to send them safely to America. this friend of mine was a child at the time and only one of his family members was an American citizen. So the American marines ended up rescuing all the family members from their home and sailed them to America safely. they didn’t have to rescue the whole family, but they did. Since Canada is able to free an innocent journalist who also pays taxes to the Canadian government, why wouldn’t it do so.


  2. First time I have commented any where in years. (I thoroughly enjoy this blog!). Speaking as a Canadian, I can say that Canada does have an obligation to act, Mr. Famhy is a Canadian citizen. Knowing what I do about the long history of intervention in support of Canadian citizens abroad, I am both ashamed and angry at the government’s completely inadequate response to this critical situation.

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