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Amal and George Clooney spotted on the flight for New York 25.02.2015

102448592Picture via Les Frenchies Fans de George Clooney !

Amal and George Clooney are moving to New York for a few months.
The couple is heading into town  because George Clooney is about to start filming “Money Monster” with Julia Roberts.
Jodie Foster will direct while Clooney stars in the thriller as TV stock analyst Lee Gates, who’s taken hostage live on the air and forced to reveal secrets by a captor who lost a fortune because of a bad investment tip that Gates provided on his show.

Via PageSix

22 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney spotted on the flight for New York 25.02.2015

    1. Nati hi, I would appreciate if you publish this comment
      Thank you

      Vero, you again….
      aside from the fact that I d like to know what exActly did you deduce it from ( she s bending over to check her phone and you can t even see her face, he is or responding to a phone call or watching calmly tv and looks wrinkled as he always does) I find your comments insisting and a bit vulgar.
      Every time you underline something similar, to me it rings the opposite bell, that there is something wrong in that exact direction.
      Now, as I told AW previously, all of you that are her family members and are convinced to be cunning when coming to comment on this blog, try to keep it low key, don t insult our intelligence.


  1. Jaja Lulu has reason .No this good, poor person Amal and George, but we like to see them .Can to put a photo speaking between them but they have plundered Amal seeing his telephone (it seems) Again thanks to Nati pd: it is Possible we see them when they lower the plane not?


  2. Dear Nati,
    I really appreciate and very much like your page and I am a frequent guest because I am interested in Amal – her fashion, her personality and her profession.
    But this picture doesn’t show any of these aspects. It just a private situation where they cannot help being close to others. In my opinion, the photographer behaved very indiscrete and we should not support those voyeuristic results with posting them. I hope, Nati, you don’t misunderstand me, but I don’t need to know, how the two look, when they are trying to make themselves comfortable. What do you think?
    Best wishes


    1. I understand your thoughts and I had the same impression as when I saw this picture. George Clooney is an important celebrity and there is the risk that he can be spotted with phones everywhere and everytime.


    2. I TOTALLY back you up on that Bea. Great point, and me too i dont need to see such indiscreet picture that really shows nothing, and Amal’s curved back does not really make any point. Nati, your blog is better than that:) But i totally trust that your intention by posting it was just to feed us the NY news 😉 Bea is absolutely right, we shouldn’t support voyeurism 🙂


      1. Julia, your comment reminds me of what I heard Julia Roberts say once in an interview years ago. She was being asked about her fame. She commented that she wished people would reminder that she is just a very ordinary person that is just lucky to have an extraordinary job. I always keep that in mind when I start becoming star struck.


  3. Agree. We are all human and George & Amal are no different. They probably want to show they are part of the “community” in some aspects. They are smart; they know when to travel privately and when it’s “okay” to travel on domestic flights. They’re probably just testing the waters. Don’t kid yourself, no doubt there are probably a few plain clothesman (“personal assistants”) on standby in case they are bothered, harassed, or overwhelmed with a flock of people asking for photographs. George is too high profile for them to just jump on a plan ‘unprotected’. Glad they are still going strong and so supportive of each others careers and making it all work. Plus Amal is no stranger to NYC. She went to law school there. 🙂


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