8 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney on the cover of Achabaka Magazine (Lebanon)

  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date with Amal’s news. I will never get tired of seeing this woman. Unlike most of the actresses in Hollywood, her attractiveness is so subtle yet intense and natural … gosh !!! I can’t even find a right word to describe it


  2. Hi, just sayin’, fyi , the cover is reading that Amal and George are on the verge of a break-up, which I believe is cheap rumor (for now.. cause who knows) in any case, I wish them and all couples, the best ! Because long-lasting Love is beautiful.


  3. On the cover of Achabaka magazine it is stated that”Their celebration of Valentine day denies the divorce rumors” which is self explanatory.It is pitty that well known magazine are creating such rumors for the sole purpose of selling.For both of them I wish them all the love and happiness.They are two great persons.


  4. Vero, you are right. 🙂 My mistake!! I had read it very quickly (but still, I called it “cheap rumor”) and yes it’s reading that their divorce rumor is denied by their Valentine’s celebration together.

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