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UPDATED: Amal Clooney’s client Mohamed Fahmy will be released Saturday


Al Jazeera journalists Mohamed Fahmy & Baher Mohamed have been released on bail in Egypt and their trial has been adjourned to 23 February.

Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy will be reunited with his brother and fiancee on Saturday, his family said after a judge ordered his release ahead of a retrial on terror-related charges.
A statement posted to Fahmy’s Twitter account said his family “tried relentlessly” to finalize the paperwork required to get the Canadian journalist freed on Thursday.
“BUT it will be on Saturday…because it’s the weekend!” the tweet went on. It ended with the hashtag #Love.

Canada’s Minister of State for Consular Affairs Lynne Yelich issued a statement to say that the government welcomes Fahmy’s release on bail, but “we continue to call for his immediate and full release.
“The prospect of Mr. Fahmy standing retrial is unacceptable and Canada advocates for the same treatment of Mr. Fahmy as other foreign nationals,” the statement said.
Yelich added that Prime Minister Stephen Harper “has personally raised” Fahmy’s case of Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, and that Canadian officials have discussed his case with their Egyptian counterparts “19 times in the last two weeks.”

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And here Amal Clooney’s press statement :


to read the full version –>

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