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Amal Clooney meeting’s request with Egypt’s president and foreign minister 06.02.2015


Amal Clooney has requested an in-person meeting with Egypt’s president and foreign minister to push for the release of jailed Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy.

She informed President Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi in a letter Saturday that she hopes to meet with him “as soon as possible” to discuss Fahmy’s case.

Fahmy has languished in an Egyptian jail for over a year on charges of assisting the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that El-Sissi has labelled a terrorist organization.

He was sentenced to a lengthy prison term in June along with Egyptian producer Baher Mohammed and Australian journalist Peter Greste.

Peter Greste was deported to Australia last week, sparking renewed hope that Fahmy’s release might also be near.

Amal Clooney cites Greste’s release in her plea to El-Sissi to release Fahmy.

“Since Mr. Greste’s release, Mr. Fahmy’s Egyptian cousel has been informed by Egyptian government officials that his release was to follow, and that it was imminent,” Clooney wrote in the letter obtained by CTV News. “This was to be expected, given that Mr. Fahmy has been the victim of the same injustice as Mr. Greste.”

Outgoing Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Fahmy’s release is “imminent” earlier this week ahead of his resignation.

Clooney had originally intended to meet Fahmy in Toronto upon his release this week, but she may alter her plans to instead visit Cairo if Fahmy is not released in the next few days. She says in her letter that she intends to visit “in the near future.”

Fahmy recently abandoned his Egyptian citizenship, making him a citizen of Canada only, in a bid to speed up his release.

Clooney’s visit will mark the first time she has met her client in person since her British law firm, Doughty Street Chambers, took the case.

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Her letter is included below:


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4 thoughts on “Amal Clooney meeting’s request with Egypt’s president and foreign minister 06.02.2015

  1. “I can be reached through Mr. Fahmy’s brother Abel at….” Wait…WHAT??? I am really puzzled with that phrase and it makes me to question the legitimacy of this letter? Why would Amal say she could be reached via her client’s brother phone and not her phone? Or her office’s phone? That would sound to me, unprofessional, a layer would not place his clients brother’s phone number to be contacted at by a President of a country!?!! Even less if you are Amal, who wears 5K sunny dress…i am sure she has a super loaded powerful international cell phone, or Doughty Street Chambers has one. So i am inclined to strongly doubt she wrote such letter. If i am wrong and indeed she wrote such thing, than that would be the least very odd :(( And shouldn’t this letter be confidential??


    1. I think the letter is real. I don’t how this letter arrived on Twitter .. but the content has been related by many medias. Amal is currently in the USA, perhaps it is the reason why she left the phone number of the brother of her client. But it appears quite unprofessional when you have to meet a president. I work in the international affairs and that is not usual. Other point in this case, the Canadian governement didn’t want her publicity and they met the Egyptian responsible alone.


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