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Amal Clooney spotted at Lax Airport in Versace – Lady in red 25.01.2015

250DA56D00000578-2926024-image-a-10_1422228846489 Amal Clooney looked chic as she sported a red leather coat on her way to catch a flight to London, England. Perfect hairstyle and large sunglasses, her look was perfect and so classy.

I have it 🙂 The coat is by Versace

Red coat from Versace Fall 2014 RTW collection

Was available here £1345


73b712158fe3f01e2f4b21394a5a180d 59931f54651628b053be9248509ed519

The boots are by Prada


The black bag is by Dior

with thanks to Daisy for sharing the info 🙂

Dior Bar bag



The sunglasses are by Prada

 Prada PR 14NS


The roller is by Bric’s Bellagio


About these earrings, they are perhaps by Harry Winston.


In two days, she will be in Strasbourg for the Armenian cause 🙂

Here the video of her arrival :

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Pictures via Dailymail

61 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted at Lax Airport in Versace – Lady in red 25.01.2015

  1. Oh Yes! Amal Clooney looked stunning in her red leather coat – seems lightly military look, perhaps a sign of her well-prepared start to her next case of advocacy Armenia’s Human Rights?

    I was a little surprised to see how she needs to be lead on her way through LAX by her bodyguard in the video. Meanwhile she seems also well prepeard for all the photographers 😉

    The Video:


    1. Ok, I’m starting to see a little , well actually a lot of cockiness after watching the video. Very few people can handle power and success and not let it get to their head and she’s starting to border that fine line. She looks good don’t get me wrong, but let’s have a little humility Amal.


      1. I agree with you, she is acting a bit arogant; however, always checking what kind of effect she caused on the public, as you can see when she’ s taking off her sunglasses.
        Personally I am a doctor, a cardiologist, we’re the same age and more or less same figure, yet I am blond and I could say that although I ve had some important names among my patients( not important people, because any life is important) I would never allow myself this type of behaviour. And we are talking about saving lives. To me this video is a dissappointment as was her behaviour at the Golden Globes where she deliberatly acted a bit annoyed.
        As for her fashion choices, I belive now that she is a bit famous it is much easier for her to choose and afford certain pieces ( a big jump from Paule Ka)
        Nati however, your blog is very nice and it is great to have all these ID’s in case someone is interested in getting pieces of the clothes she wears or promotes.


      2. Lulu, that’s the word I was looking for “strutting”. Ana , So well put! I’m
        Also a doctor and I have been told I resemble Amal quite a bit as I have similar features (since we are both from thw same part of the world ) and body type and I too have not let it get to my head and parade around like everyone else is beneath me. I also agree that Nati does a great job with this blog and I mean no disrespect to her. We are all here because we like her style, but she does need to practice some humility.


      3. Ana…I agree about her looking up after she took off her sunglasses to see her effect. It would have been much better if she had waved a little and smiled.


      4. Hi girls, (Lulu and Masreya)
        I can t respond to your comments but I m glad we all share similar impressions and ideas 😉 , as well as I m glad to have found this blog where someone so dedicated and efficient , like Nati, unselfishly and with passion shares ID’s
        Looking foreward to reading more of your comments and insights


      5. I agree Ana. It’s a wonderful blog and I do appreciate it. Amal is a gorgeous woman, and I do love her clothing style.


      6. Ok, I watched this video and I honestly don’t see what you guys are talking about in terms of “strutting”. And as far as being “lead” by the bodyguard- that airport looked very crowded and when you’re a celebrity, you’re going to go past all the crowds & lines in an effort to avoid the paparazzi. I’d bet that once she married George, George probably insisted that his bodyguard (and it is his bodyguard, I recognize the guy from older pics) accompany her in public because let’s face it, celebrities are targets and there’s lots of weirdos out there! When she took off the sunglasses, I didn’t see any weird arrogance there either- as someone mentioned. As far as the Golden Globes go, there were a couple pics where she looked bored, yes… but I think I’d be bored there too. The candid GG pics posted on here show her laughing and looking like she was having a good time.

        This is all just my opinion, so one can take it or leave it… but I am not at all convinced that Amal has let fame get to her head. Remember, she’s a lawyer that fights for the rights of the “little people”. She’s not an actress who can fake a smile for every pic/ video she might be in.


      7. Hmmm, I dont’ necessarily know if this is ‘strutting’. She’s wearing some big, clunky heels which may be affecting the way she’s walking. Jury’s out, I say.


      8. @Ana
        … she is acting a bit arrogant; however, always checking what kind of effect she caused on the public, as you can see when she’ s taking off her sunglasses.

        Yes, my thought exactly.

        Whether or not that is her intention, that is how she appears.. The way she takes off the glasses at the ‘last minute’ and looks haughtily at the camera makes it seem like she’s playing some kind of calculated game..

        A recent Blind Item reveal on C-Dan, said she tried to get a hotel employee fired last year for not giving her the proper respect. . So there.



      9. Hi guys,
        though not flattering at all, calculated is the exact word

        you are absoluetly right and although I m often curios to see what will she be advised to wear for the next occasion, I have also noticed that she doesn t know how to handle it.


      10. ‘where she deliberatly acted a bit annoyed..’ Well said Ana!
        This was her apparent way of taking distances and making everyone believe she’s worth a lot more. Yet if my husband was there to receive an award, out of respect for him and his accomplishment, and being happy that he is being honored, I d find ways not to seem annoyed, even if it might have been the most boring event of the year.
        Otherwise, this move can be defined, as someone already said, calculative ( just like other things she did ).


      11. Yeah……she definitely likes the attention. I would be proud if I were as accomplished as she is also, but there definitely seems to be a slight lack of humility.

        She looks fantastic (as usual).


    2. @ Tack- yeah I heard the same rumor about the hotel employee (maybe from someone on this site, but can’t remember). That link didn’t specify a specific hotel or what exactly happened. Maybe the employee, if that rumor had any truth to it, was making catcalls or being otherwise disrespectful. ? Who knows. I mean, unless someone posts a video of her being rude to someone, I personally wouldn’t believe it. Stories are made up about celebs all the time.

      Someone mentioned the fact that she was wearing clunky heels and that is a good point… walking in huge heels makes you walk differently than you would in flats.


  2. Love this look. My hair is the same color as Her, so for my thumbs up for this outfit, I’m wearing red today. :).

    She looks classic Amal. The only thing I do not like are the sunglasses at the airport. Seems too contrived. I enjoy watching these videos, but what would make her appear humble of her new celebrity would be to wave, smile or something. It just seemed so ” look at me “.


  3. She has just left the outside where the sun is shining why would she take off her shades. She is smiling and seems polite she is not a celebrity she is a lawyer and I am sure she knows that.


  4. Why would she not take off her sunglasses? No one else has theirs on. I also saw her and George do the same thing at Heathrow on a cloudy day. She might be a lawyer…but she has now been elevated to the status of celebrity since her marriage.


  5. George is filming a movie and also him in the airport would just cause chaos. I think they preferred it this way why does he need to see her off.


  6. Just read George attended a screening so I’m guessing they planned for her to leave yesterday. The press gets crazy when George is around that and saying goodbye in private is probably a good thing no prying eyes.


  7. if there are several cameras welcoming me with their flashes, I’ll wear sunglasses too. all celebrities or known figures wear sunglasses inside airports or when seen in public place to prevent being pictured with weird stares on their faces. i don’t know about others, but I look weird in photos taken without my knowledge.


  8. Great look. The coat is simple, sophisticated and hip. That colour red is killer. That colour looks great with her hair. I would of liked to see a more refined bootie with that coat but well done Amal.

    She is getting use to fame – she will work it out.


  9. I like the color, but the detailing on the coat brings to mind Michael Jackson, again. Also, the cut isn’t very flattering on her… or any other female, for that matter, as it just flattens the chest.


    1. Just to add: coats cut like this also bring to mind Dr. Evil of “Austin Powers” fame.

      I blame Versace for the cut and detailing, not Amal, of course.


  10. I love the coat….Amal, you are a beautiful and intelligent woman. Remember that happiness is essential is when a woman is successful in family and career. Take good care of your marriage, your husband and your children someday. Never change a personality just because of wealth and popularity. Keep not arrogant, humble and down to earth. Always success!


  11. Yunita,
    Nice message to Amal. I was thinking of the same thing a few days a go. She has to be careful and take care of her marriage and her husband ( George), that i like very much. 🙂
    They are wonderful together and a happy and succesful marriage need time and healthy ingredients.
    Just love the outfit .She is beautiful and seems happy.:)


  12. I don’t think she was strutting. She just has a long, lopey stride plus the heels adds to it. You can see on the x17 video on YouTube that the bodyguard started to wheel her carry on bag but she took it from him. I think that was cool of her. I think she went back to London for her next case. She must have been doing her prep work in LA. Good for her for keeping her career. I like her.


  13. It’s funny how so many people try to judge her behaviour and every move she makes: first, she was criticised for “always” being on vacation, now it’s that she is strutting and wearing sunglasses. Yes, she is high profile now, but she has always shown grace and dignity when encountering the paparazzi.
    If you were on your way to work and someone followed you and recorded every move you made, I’m sure there would be lots of judgements made on your own style and behaviour…
    I think she is a brilliant and dignified woman and deserves some respect, not denigration.


  14. Hello darling ladies… this goes to the ones who have posted petty comments on this nice Blog: this will be a bit long but i guess you can endure, and i have a good point 🙂 This started out as a nice blog to visit for me, in part due to the positive spirit of its commentators and the absence of the petty ones who, now, come here to just scrutinize every move Amal makes, pointing out her supposedly “defects”, criticizing and judging her without having a clue of what is going on in her life, in her head, and only based on a glance of an eye smile or gesture. COME ON LADIES! Leave that pettiness to those greedy, negative, haters on the other websites! Don’t expect her to be perfect! Nobody is and every action she will do will be criticized no mater what! In my opinion she smiles all the time, almost to a fault actually, but in one moment when she doesn’t she is criticized for it and labeled as arrogant???

    So what is your deal ladies? Do you like her or don’t you like her? Do you appreciate what she inspires in you or don’t you appreciate?

    If you do, why are you sinking into pettiness? You can’t be changing sides every second based on a small gesture she does walking in an busy airport with dozens of paparazzi who don’t give a dam about her, but only wants a great shot to sale. And if George did not go wave her goodbye at the airport, what is the problem with that?? For Christ sake!! How infantile would that be for him to take her to the airport just to please us? These are SUPER busy individuals, and she is a grown up independent woman, who should indeed have a bodyguard, now with her new life, (can you imagine if one of those crazy haters crossed her, with their unfunded assumptions about her?), to scout her in and out of public places, for many reasons that are valid in my eyes. You comment as if she had just snubbed you personally? Do you think you can know what was on her mind at any given moment with such accuracy because she removed/or/didn’t remove her glasses, looked or not at the cameras, smiled or not, waved or not? Can you really?? We all saw so many moments at the Golden Globes when she was nothing but gracious, excited, good sport, perhaps a bit nervous but HAPPY to be there ( SHE STATED THAT HERSELF!!!) … and one flash of second a camera caught her not smiling at George (because she was being polite to one of George’s friend who was seating right next to her and had obviously asked her something… or maybe she was just for a second, sparing some face muscle and reloading for the long evening-of-smile-at-everything- that-moves…) so now..and because of “that” you lash your criticism at her and labeled her as being bored???

    One comentator had the gust to write that: she may not be that smart since she only had six minutes to speak at the ECHR hearing, and that her speech could had been inspired by her boss’s book. How about that for a small way of thinking? What then do you make of the FACT that SHE WAS there! She spoke, she was heard around the world, she made a difference with only six minutes of talk, she brought in VERY relevant points that were nescessary, and what do you know? What if it was her who helped her boss on those points? He certainly prases her work and capabilities and trusted her enough to be there with him in such important event. What do you make with the fact that no mater what you say, she IS more than the little that you want her to be?

    REAlLY… are you the smart and PERFECT-AT-ALL-TIMES ladies who come to this blog to leave your wonderfulness, intelligence and common sense? Should i pay attention and read your comments when they are nonsense speculations? Is that what i will be wasting my time on? Need I to be reflecting on how you are unhappy with Amal now, after you’ve “discovered” that maybe she is not so nice or likeable because she looked like she was “trotting” at the airport??? I wish not to have a girlfriend like you in my life then! Nor i want to read you!

    You cannot criticize everything about the people you are fund of, we need to let go mediocrity and practice fairness. Some of you are criticizing her for keeping her glasses on, some for keeping her glass off, some for not smiling, some for smiling too much, one minute her hair is great, another minute her her is awful, and on and on… Can anyone ever be able to make EVERYONE happy? Of course not! So why are you falling into that mediocre petty trap? Rise UP!! Trust your guts on what you think you know about her until she will REALLY prove you wrong! Your unfunded impressions of her, your unfair criticism and harsh judgement, has more to do with your inner self and how you perceive yourself than it has to do with her. If one day she is not exactly as you wanted her to be, that should put the light spot on you, on not being assertive on your deep opinions about her. This woman indeed came out of somewhere and stands in a very bright spot light. She married a international movie celebrity and now her life is on parade. Do you have any idea what that means? Think about it for just a second. What would your “normal” life of today become if you married George or Brad or a major celebrity? Can you imagine what is to be flashed on camera at your ever move? What is she supposed to do to please everyone? She has showed so far nothing but grace, class, tolerance, and loads of humility ( take the fact that she has not yet replied to any of the terrible insults thrown at her) . She has refused to acknowledge the “Most Fascinating Person of The Year” tittle given to her by Barbara Walters, she has kept herself out of hundreds of interviews offered to her by TV outlets and magazines, she is keeping very low profile actually, only showing up (to many of us delight:) ) here and there…and yes, dressed up in great expensive clothing, which are most likely sent to her on balks to wear, not costing her a dime. Would you not wear such formidable stuff if they were sent to you for free? If you answer NO then i OFFICIALLY destitute you from your tittle of a Fashionista hahaha. Because i WOULD! 🙂

    So PLEASE… i beg you dear, intelligent, beautiful ladies who come here to this wishing to be nice Blog: LETS RISE UP and lead by good example! Lets take in and acknowledge the fact that this Lady Amal, with the little that we know about her, lets keep it simple and light in regards to judging her persona, her conduct, her very being and values. She has done nothing to deserve such unfair scrutiny. Focus on the positive feelings and inspiration that she UNPLANNED brought on. Remember that not too long ago women could not even vote! We have come a long way and that is great and deserved, but we still have that under-achiever-not-deserving-complex in us, meaning, we still feel like we dont deserve to be multifaceted and show up and excel in many ways, shape and colors. I think that inferiority complex is still inside most of us don’t you think? It is reflected on the way some come here to tell Amal that she cannot be all that she can be. She shouldn’t be braking YOUR barriers for being herself. Open YOUR gates you too! I am paying attention and being inspired that, me too, i can be smart and sexy at the same time, i can be an accomplished professional and yet keep being feminine, classy and down to earth (as she does in many of her ways and pictures with her family and friends, when she speaks and in her demeanor) , that i can be young on my spirit and dress to match that and not my age number, or i can also entice with a bit of mystery, great sense of style and dress for that part of me, and spread charm and goddess-like self-confidence, not to provoke inferiority complex in others, but just being granted the right to be all that a woman should be.

    We woman need to truly believe that we have such right; to be exceptional, even though not perfect, because perfection is the most nonexistent thing and concept ever invented by small minds who have no sense of entitlement and have very little self esteem. Lets stay in high spirits and never fall into the trap of criticism based on pettiness. No matter what Amal ( or anyone else) will do, there will be someone not happy about it. So don’t add to such crowd of misery seekers. Take all the positive inspirations Amal give you and focus on that and toss the rest out of the window, because anything, any judgement based on simple speculations, assumptions of glances of perceptions, is absolutely unfair. Don’t be led by others unproved opinions. Embrace the hope that maybe there are women out here that will just not fit in that precise tight mold created by our societies, and that should be seen as a breath of fresh air.

    I hope this long post didn’t put you to sleep, but instead, it helped you take charge of your deeper emotions and fears and let yourself succumb to the infinite possibilities of being And if not, and if the petty comments continues to arise on this blog, i guess i will just take my light somewhere else and will stop coming here and reading the nonsenses 🙂 I refuse to blend into pettiness and mediocrity. 🙂 Love to you all ❤

    For a better inspiration you can reflect on this other inspiring woman words of wisdom below:

    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
    ~-~-`-~-~ Marianne Williamson ~-~-~-~-~

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