11 thoughts on “Is Amal Clooney the next VOGUE cover ? Here the cover picture !

  1. Am wondering seriously how possible is it for such a highly career woman to find the time for fashion and going to places of entertainmen!/? is all this not quite overdone? or really true?


    1. Same here,I only see she is on vacation or go to Party,when she starts her work? It is already near 2months that she stays in vacation,is the lawyer job really so flexible? I see a a lot of lawyer around me are working so hard, they do not have so much time like her to go to party or dinner all the times, I wonder….


  2. I think what few photos we see of “her life” doesn’t show us the whole picture. (Obviously) Sure, she is based now in various locales. But we will never see the behind the scenes. Maybe she is just trying to get her footing between US and the UK. Maybe she is trying to find balance between Hollywood wife and Human Rights lawyer. I choose just to admire/critique her fashion – what is clearly visible rather than what we assume her world to be. Just my two cents.


  3. Seriously, why do people assume because she is not in a office she is not working. She has a computer and a phone most lawyers don’t go to court that often so her schedule is done around when she is due in court. She is due in Europe on January 26 for a case. As for shopping she can shop on line and during her off time no different than any of us. Amal is not a regular lawyer she has certain cases and they take different amounts of time and paper work she also works with other lawyers on cases.


  4. What if she only works on certain projects, isn’t that a possibility? What if she doesn’t want to work as much now? That shouldn’t minimize her accomplishments. Several people commenting here seem to have a problem with her lifestyle and have no idea what it is really like. We only see her on vacation or magazines because it’s on the internet days or weeks after it happened. Do you know what she is doing at this precise moment? She can be working on or doing research for a project. Or she can be getting a nice dress. Why is that a problem? It’s her life, not yours!!


  5. I agree. She will probably scale back especially if they start a family. I also agree that she can work from anywhere in the world with a phone and a computer. As for shopping, she has Anna Wintour as a resource for heavens sake. Clothing probably just shows up at her door!


  6. Hello Nati! May I just say that I LOVE, LOVE this blog. Like some of your other readers I have never followed a blog nor a ‘celebrity,’ style before. You have done an exceptional job with describing Amal’s style and to obviously attract people to your site who are not usually on style mediums. It’s a wonderful tribute for an exceptional person such as Amal. It’s a wonder the whole world didn’t fully know about her before George. As for the negative comments you sometimes get, don’t worry about them. Life is too short and there will always be negative people. Keep up the great work! On the topic of law, I will be changing careers soon, so I’ll let you guys know eventually how one actually juggles a law career. Happy 2015!


  7. i don’t get why people keep wondering if she’s working or not. you know that her cases are not heard in court every single day. some of her cases like the Lebanese case she’s involved in is still going on for like 10 years if i am not wrong and i believe it wont be solved any time soon .For the Greek marbles case, she’s been working on it since 2011 and this wont be solved soon too. her cases go on for years and years and are only solved politically. even the Egyptian journalist case and Assange case will only be solved politically. because her cases are quite unsolvable and take A LOT of time to progress, she does other things like advising, writing, lecturing in between. lawyers that take on regular cases spend a lot of time in their offices working on them. However, Amal’s cases are political ones that no matter how many hours she spend in her office, they will only be solved when the politicians’ egos and interests are not hurt.


  8. Thanks Clara and Aw and others for the comments about Amal work and etc. they are informative specially for some people here that they think when you work you dont have to do anything else.
    She just get married and that is normal that the first year of your marriage going to be busy with a husband like George Clooney. She will be certainly thinking about haveing a family soon with children and for that you need time and you have to spend time with your husband (or wife).
    I dont have that much money but if I was her I was doing the same thing. 🙂 I love her fashion and style and I like people with taste and I love holidays specially in sunny places also. what is wrong with that?:)
    Thanks Nati for all you do in your blog.

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