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Amal Clooney will attend the Golden Globes on January 11th, 2015


On Sunday (tomorrow), Amal Clooney will attend the 72nd annual Golden Globes ceremony with George Clooney and it is confirmed via  this Instagram post and with big thanks to Patricia who shared it :



“Amal Clooney will be wearing something very pretty on the Golden Globes redcarpet and she never uses a stylist. She picks her own dresses. ”

Is it possible ? That is a clear answer to one of my last posts. 😉

Charlotte Tilbury will be responsible for the make-up and it is not the first time.

For the Amal’s gown, I can imagine a dress by Oscar de la Renta, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace. Alexander McQueen or why not Elie Saab ?

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar-de-la-Renta-Embellished-High-Low-Gown oscar-de-la-renta-champagne-strapless-floral-paillette-ball-gown-product-1-6214300-393196662_large_flex

Alexander McQueen

alexander alexander-mcqueen-dress-2 alexander-mcqueen-spring-2012-rtw-black-lace-gown-profile



Elie Saab – these dresses are a dream !

delightful-elie-saab-fallwinter-2013-2014-couture-collection-6 1-elie-saab-wedding-dresses-wedding-gowns-haute-couture-fall-2013-0710-h724 1373638862896

George Clooney has been tapped to receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 72nd annual Golden Globes on January 11th, 2015.

The Jan. 11 ceremony will be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

Amal will be the fashion event !

17 thoughts on “Amal Clooney will attend the Golden Globes on January 11th, 2015

  1. Sorry, Nati, but I can’t imagine Amal wearing even one of this suggestions. Perhaps BECAUSE of using no stylist she will find a complete different kind of breathtaking dress like she showed us surprisingly several times before. It seems to me, that stylists are less individual then Amal is on her own…
    …Well, perhaps she chooses an hommage to Oscar de la Renta, who designed her wedding-dress and died shortly after the great Clooney-Wedding? But even then, it will be different, believe me! ;-)))
    But there is one thing I do agree with you: Amal will definitely be the fashion event – as she already is named “most fascinating person of 2014” in U.S. TV!!!
    Can’t wait ;-)))


    1. Yes, I know. But my post is more an inspiration. Probably she will wear something unique and perhaps a bespoke dress. She will be the fashion spotlight 🙂 I cannot wait !


      1. I can see her wearing gowns 1-4 gowns for sure. I’m sure Amal (and George) will be stunning! Looking forward to an entertaining evening watching the Globes.

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  2. I know I am off topic but I hope what I keep seeing is just the usual lies that are printed. I don’t read the magazines that are not truthful, but I keep seeing random comments in various places that she is jealous and is having a hard time adjusting to his life style and they are headed for divorce. At first I just ignored it all because these awful papers always write this stuff about celebrities, but it keeps being written over and over. Is there any reason to think there is any truth to any of this stuff at all? I can see how being married to him would be a huge life style change, but it would be a good change!!! What do you think about these “rumors” I will be in LA for the Globes and for SAG awards……not sure if he will be at the SAGS. Would love to see them someway…..I doubt they will be anywhere that is public.


    1. Hi,
      I read so many fake informations based on nothing about pregnacy, jealousy etc. (Angelina Jolie, Cindy Crawdford and now Sandra Bullock …) I don’t report them because they are used to sell magazines only. Amal and George are for me an exemple of true love. An amazing love story. Lucky you that you will be in LA for the Golden Globes. Keep us infformed 🙂


  3. I don’t understand why they are mixing the religion to the choice of the dress.I find this non sense and sorry to say stupid.In Lebanon Druze and Maronite are living together and don’t think in this way.As Lebanese Maronite I am proud from Elie Saab and Amal Alameddin.So this comment should be removed as it is shameful


    1. Hi,
      Elie Saab is one of the best designer in this world and hope that Amal will wear his creations. We will see. I have a lot of friends in Lebanon and they are wonderful people.


      1. I, too, thought the same way as JS. Maronite or Druze (or Sunni or Shia), Lebanese usually like to support other Lebanese and there is a good bit of intermarriage between groups. For instance, Amal’s mother is Sunni and her father is Druze.

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  4. It is wonderful for Amal to experience a Red Carpet moment. Amal’s real work is far far more important than just Tinsel Town. I would hate for her to lose credibility after years of hard work and study simply to be a clothes horse. We have well paid models and actresses to do that job. Amal is more worthy than them, I hate to see her put in the same class as these women. For one night, OK. Please do refrain from talking about her as just a clothes horse. Amal requires no stylist as intelligence comes to the fore when one requires decisive action. A stylist would simply slow her down her ability to make quick and appropriate decision’s. My hope is Hollywood will not slow down or dilute this amazing woman.


  5. I completely agree with the comments of Olivia.Amal is more worthy than all these actresses or models.She spent most of her life and nights in studying and researching.She deserves all the best and happiness.I hope George will protect her and realize her value.

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  6. Response to Amal being just a clothes horse. I don’t think that is what is happening. Amal is one of those rare women in the world that is incredibly intelligent, well educated with a very interesting well paid career. However, she also has a life beyond work, and even before she was with George she obviously loved clothes and had a unique style of her own. The rarity comes when you have someone that is exceptionally beautiful, well educated, kind, and loves fashion and knows how to have a good time. She is that person that seems to have it all (even before George) as George has just brought her to the public eye, and she is able to attend highly visible events now. Remember she was voted as the hottest attorney in London before she was married to George!!! George has dated beautiful women but none of them had the intelligence and education as Amal does…..that is what makes her so unique and fascinating.


  7. Amal rocked with her choice of Dior at the Golden Globe! Chic and classy. Personally, I think that Amal should be very careful when choosing a dress where the fabric is the feature as many of the suggested dresses here for her. It worked beautifully with the Giambattista Valli dress but generally will not. They take away from her as a beautiful woman, and the cut is usually basic. Unfortunately, Elie Saab has many of those dresses. It is kind of his signature.

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