Amal Clooney’s Look Alikes – A post just for the pleasure


Today I want to speak about Amal’s look alikes. The press speaks curently a lot about David Siegel, a George Clooney’s prefessional look alike.

Capturedavid siegel

My two Amal Clooney’s look alikes are :

In the UK – Cherry Menlove

Homemaker and blogger, she is an institution for the mums. Homemaking and lifestyle from her own stunning house in West Sussex, Cherry Menlove presents a host of inspirational ideas to make your home feel special to you and your family. Including cookery, crafting, design, gardening and re-upholstery, Cherry is the expert at transforming a house into a cosy, warm and happy home. Books, blog, Facebook, Instagram … she is everywhere.

and she reminds me to Amal 🙂 A good reason for Amal to learn cooking 🙂


cherry-with-cake 3476479611 Cherry-Oct-11-e1322227489373 6a00e54efc7f868834010536b425e4970c-500wi Comfort & Joy Cherry-Menlove-Handmade-Home-The-cover

Her books :

Her lovely website :

The second one in the USA is the actrice Anne Hathaway, very stylish in “The Devil wears Prada” sure that Amal watched this movie.

My daughters cried: “That is Amal ! That is Amal !” when we watched Princess Diaries 2.

Thank you for following me 🙂 Happy Holiday Days 🙂

anne-hathaway-wallpaper Princess-Diaries-Wedding-Dress princess-diaries-800-75 anne-hathaway-collage-main

A try to find some similar women in Lebanon, but it is in Pakistan that I found these two young women and their style is quite nice and close to Amal’s style 🙂

Jeans Model (11) (1)

Jeans Model (1)

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