Flashback ! Amal Alamuddin to a wedding in 2009

mariage _1 _ 2009


Today a flashback in 2009, when Amal Alamuddin attended a family/friends wedding in 2009. She always had a sense of style and this glimmering dress is so gorgeous.

Amal mariage 2009 3 Mariage_2009 _4 mariage 2009 Amal wedding5



19 thoughts on “Flashback ! Amal Alamuddin to a wedding in 2009

  1. I would like to know who operates this blog.
    Amal is a lovely well educated girl of ethnic background who has achieved so much and clearly her family are proud of her. But there are many girls like her. I hope she is happy in love with her husband her new life.

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      • Actually, sue is rather complimentary in her comment. Also, I don’t see why it’s wrong to point out that there are many other women who are fabulous in this world. I personally know women who are gorgeous and working hard in labs to cure diseases, after achieving PhDs – the highest possible academic degree a person can get. The only thing that differentiates them from Amal is the level of publicity that they get (not that they would want the publicity, necessarily, as it comes at a very high price).


      • I think Sue is insinuating that Amal is nothing special and I think those who follow her and most on this blog would agree Amal is very special and worth following. Also, Sue, why are you interested in who ‘operates’ this blog? I don’t ‘operate’ this blog however the impression I have is this blog provides Amal’s style information and highlights her achievements and new marriage. If you are not interested or impressed why are you here?

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  2. Unfortunately it seems that on this blog eho dares criticize Amal not’ welcome !! The world and’ nice because ‘ and ‘ varied and Amal someone can’ not like !!!


    • Dear Sabrina,
      If you don’t like her or George, why are you here ?Always with your negative comments. Positvity is a good feeling and it would be nice that you read this blog with better feelings.


  3. These might be the best pictures of her, yet. She truly looked very happy, free, nothing forced or pretentious. I guess life does kick you around and make you grow up after-all.


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