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Amal Clooney spotted arriving at Heathrow airport in Dolce & Gabbana 24.11.2014


Amal Clooney looked beautiful and stylish at her arrival in Heathrow Airport. In black and grey, her brocade dress / coat is probably by Dolce Gabbana.

I found a similar dress by Dolce Gabbana €4,696.71

Still available on Net-a-Porter


The boots are by Prada, currently sold out

Black Suede Backzip Platform Ankle Boots

prada-black-suede-backzip-platform-ankle-boots-product-1-13196365-423596683_large_flex prada-black-suede-backzip-platform-ankle-boots-product-3-13196365-423564804_large_flex

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56 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted arriving at Heathrow airport in Dolce & Gabbana 24.11.2014

      1. boots are by D&G


    1. I found these black suede booties by La Canadienne for $415 USD. A nice alternative and much cheaper.



  1. The dress and’ nice although I would not spend ever 5000 euro for a dress , even if I could afford !!! She and’ a human rights lawyer should have more’ respect for those who in the world does not even have to eat !!! And then, and’ too thin, looks sick !!! The hair is beatiful , we hope to be true !!! PS: I have a coat almost equal, I bought if for 40 euro in a flea market!!! To be elegant and classy not necessary to spend so much money, some people do not understand it !!!!


  2. Hi everyone,
    It is *highly* likely that Amal gets her expensive designer clothing as “gifts” from designers. A lot of celebrities get free clothing/accessories from designers because they basically provide free advertising for the designers when paparazzi capture them on camera and the photos go online and in other media.

    So, it’s highly likely that Amal gets a lot of free designer clothing simply because her marriage to Clooney made her famous and fashion designers want to get something from the deal. The advertising isn’t really meant for us, but for fashionable wealthy women who have the money to purchase this clothing.

    Also, Clooney himself may be introducing her to fashion personalities, as he probably wants his new wife to look as put-together as himself. He’s a peacock – just look at how he dresses. Everything he says and does (including how he dresses) is carefully managed and meant to make it look like the sun shines out of his rear end (which isn’t the case).

    I do agree that it’s pretty inappropriate for a self-proclaimed human rights lawyer to dress in clothing that is inaccessible to the public. It screams “privilege” and “vanity.”


    1. Come on people, Amal had money before her marriage to George Clooney and now she has more money plus is very visible for her hubby and her law firm. She should dress just the way she does in my opinion. So what if she is a human rights attorney that dresses well and expensively. It’s her money! It doesn’t stop her from doing her job and fighting for the the human rights causes. There is too much else to worry about in this world!!

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      1. Her version of human rights seems to be to defend the human rights of certain wealthy elites (and their lackeys), as Heidi pointed out below.


      2. Although, her participation in the Julian Assange defense team was not a case of defending privilege. But, that job might have just been assigned to her by her law firm, or maybe she wanted to work on the team because it was a high profile case, guaranteed publicity.


    2. LOL! Lady, you are spot on!! Human Rights lawyer is NOT equal to Humanitarian, two different things unless that degree is used to do good work. But she looks good and LOVES the camera, perfect match for GC I guess.

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      1. Yeah, they do seem a perfect match. 🙂 I’m willing to bet good money that GC is the one who told his PR folks to keep writing the phrases “most handsome man in Hollywood,” and “most eligible bachelor in the world,” etc. He’s a politician through-and-through. Not sure if he’d actually bring about much positive change, though. A lot of his actions seem to be more about his image than anything else.


  3. Let me also add that there is a difference between dressing professionally and dressing like this. One doesn’t have to wear expensive designer clothing to look professional.


  4. Well I think she looks fab! I love this dress/coat. It’s pretty and the boots give a more hip look. Also looks comfortable for travel. Maybe she was heading to see her hubby… Great job again Amal!

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  5. I loved the way she paired the D&G dress with the black tights and not pants…. so glad to see the “red” nails, very sexy. I grew tired of the grey nail color she usually wears, I think she nailed this look. WOW!
    She is NOT really a human rights lawyer.. I mean she represents the Bahrain Royal Family, the journalist in Egypt, he is employed by Al Jazzera and that is owned by the Qatari Royal Family. I am sure they are the ones paying her. She represented WikiLeaks guy Julian Assange. She is helping the Greek government get back their marbles back from Great Britain. I don’t see human rights anywhere.
    I just think she is a high profile international lawyer who is becoming a British fashion icon, and her sister Tala is being followed around by the paparazzi like George Clooney’s own version of “Pippa” 🙂


    1. You’re *exactly* right about the difference between an international vs human rights lawyer. That distinction should be made when the media cover her.


    2. I agree. Her worst was defending the “human rights” of a Gaddafi relative who is responsible for many atrocities in Libya. Now that she doesn’t have to work for money (her pay check), why not take up some good cases? Hope she will from 2015, not just for publicity.
      She seems high maintenance. I read she was flying to Cabo San Lucas for Thanksgiving that night. Over dressed for 79F in Mexico right now! Her first Thanksgiving to celebrate with GC’s family, so let her fun 🙂


  6. For whatever reason the Stars have aligned for Amal and jealousy is understandable. She is only 37 and and at a unique point in her life. I think it is wonderful she is exploring who she is which includes her own evolving sense of style. When she is working she has toned down elegance. Why not play with fashion when she is not working and who cares if she buys or is given clothes. I’m sure that your dress style changes between work and off duty. For myself, I’m happy to see her happiness…isn’t it obvious from her expression? Let the best in others bring out the best in yourself!


  7. Well said Beverley and KN. let her lives and do what ever she likes, She is young, beautiful, talented and etc.,,,,, Beautiful outfit. Well done Amal.
    Thanks Nati for this blog.


  8. Thank you for your blog I am a big fan of George and I think he married the right woman. I am obsessed with her style. I just wish that she would use more affordable looks so that people like me would be able to buy them 🙂
    Do you know what nail polish she’s wearing in the last pictures? I also love her very polished manicure looks. It looks like she either has acrylics or that it may be gel polish. Either way I enjoy her very much.


  9. For abundant clarity I really like Amal’s style and I think she is great. Attractive, accomplished, and sometimes she does look sweet. But it really is IMO of course, a case of publicity – she is of course now married to an A plus movie star, image and product placement comes with the territory.


  10. Sue, I’m not sure I understand your point…..that we should not give Amal credit for her style, but acknowledge that she is now “packaged” because of her marriage? I’m sure that is a good part of the reality but I’m hoping and assuming that Amal does have some say in what she wears on her back. If it was offered to me I’d jump at the chance to have professional assistance in the hair and clothing areas. To looked that pulled together does take a lot of work by a number of trained individuals…it does not just happen by chance. But my point is so what…let Amal enjoy this phase and let’s see how she weaves her own perspective into it if she hasn’t already. It is great to see such beautiful clothes out in the public and off the runway. Last, if Amal did not have that IT factor we wouldn’t be enjoying this blog!


  11. Amal is highly educated. She probably spent at least, if not more than $200,000 (US) on her education. The tuition to these prestigious universities do not come cheap. She attended both NYU law school and Oxford……..both highly difficult to be admitted to and to graduate from. She was awarded many honors while in school. She worked extremely hard to get where she is in life. I think she has earned the right to dress any way she likes. She must be extremely proud of her accomplishments….and this education and beauty is what attracted her to George Clooney. He could have had any beautiful woman, but one that is so smart in addition to beautiful is what makes the difference. I feel if you have worked as hard as she has, she can wear anything she likes and she does a great job of looking great!! If you look back at the pictures before GC, she was wearing many of the things she wears now…..Prada sunglasses, ripped expensive jeans, etc. BTW, GC is the one behind her wanting to be on the team for getting the Greek Marbles back. Sorry this is so long. I love this blog!!!

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