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Amal and George Clooney’s post wedding party – Interiors by Ammar Beishir


Ammar Besheir was responsible for the decoration and interiors of the post-wedding party of Amal and George Clooney at the Danesfield Hotel and Spa. A tropical fairytale in a 1001 nights ambiance, with  over-sized trees made with  wooven crystal mesh  covered in Swarovski crystals, and porcelain parrots.

Ammar Besheir is a very talented decorator with important collaborations in Dubai and Bahrain. He also decorated the On Motcomb boutique in London.

Here some pictures via L’Orient Le Jour newspaper


Here some pictures of the On Motcomb boutique in London who is selling exclusively the Amal Giambattista Valli dress.  (in a longer version).

CaptureonmotcombCapturegiambattista valliCapturerobe2CaptureammarAmmar Beishir at the On Motcomb boutique in London with the Giambattista Valli dress 🙂

23 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney’s post wedding party – Interiors by Ammar Beishir

  1. She should have opted for the longer version of this dress! So much more sophisticated thank the tacky mullet version.

    The interior decoration for the party was … very oriental. Which is the best thing one can say about it.


      1. Yes, what is up with the parrots and the oversized mesh trees…no point in a tropical theme for such a wedding. The best part so far was the personalized Arabic calligraphy medallions on the favors (which should have been made out of a precious metal such as sterling silver)


    1. The catwalk version frequently is not suitable for real life. Tackyness does not revert to the wearer, because the model on the runway is an anonymous human clothhanger.

      In real life, tackyness reverts to wearer who is perceived as a person. The front of the dress was too short for looking elegant. Sometimes, more is more :-). As in: more cloth.


  2. Both versions of the dress are nice. With all due respect to each of your viewpoints, I kind of liked that she took a risk with the length. Why not rock the legs if you have great ones! The red dress was longer, the striped dress longer, wedding dress longer, pantsuit,etc. Why not have a little fun the day after your wedding and Go Fun & Whimsical by sporting something short and rockin’ the sculpted legs. After all, she can’t do that forever…why not rock the legs. Perhaps she was not shooting for “elegant” or “classy” or “traditional, but rather….Flirty, Fun, Whimsical, Playful…and so on. I loved the short version on Amal and I like even more that she had the confidence & comfort to wear it. She carried herself well. I don’t think it was “Tacky”, but rather radiated her style even more. 🙂


    1. I totally agree with you Jaclyn…. She is young, gorgeous and getting married ! why not “wow” her groom with the shorter version ! I think she pulled the runway version off splendidly… Great legs Amal ! Can’t wait to see what other runway looks you have in store!


    1. Oh, yes, product placement! Let’s all go out and buy ceramic parrots! And let’s all hire Ammar Basheir to design our birthday parties and other celebrations, because obviously we can all afford him. Let’s all find out the manufacturer of that crystalline mesh so we can run out and buy it. Products, products, products! That’s the ticket!

      I’m so glad that a few people here have a direct line to George and Amal Clooney and can divine their innermost thoughts and motivations. It’s wonderful to be able to rely on the perspicacity of people who are so informed and in the know. The rest of us can only grovel in their presence.


      1. Yes. Product placement.
        Everyone is entitled to express an opinion.
        Some are clearly unable to see beyond their rose tinted glasses. Good luck with that.


      2. i think with ‘product placement’ our pre.poster Sue meant:

        an actor being re-pushed to the headlines after his career started waning due to some really mediocre (bad) films.

        a lawyer being promoted to international starlet fame because she believes this pushes her career.

        fashion being promoted as real product placement.

        and, unfortunately, i have to agree with Sue, at least to a great deal. given george’s habit of disposing his partners – retention period about 3 years or so – this is about the timeframe the whole thing will most likely last. maybe a little longer due to the legal issues of a marriage.


    2. I agree, Sue. Product placement for fashion companies. It’s the same with everything Kate Middleton wears. It’s sad that branding has gotten so ridiculous these days.


  3. Pretty table settings and the candles added to the ambiance of the mood. I think the birds are cockatiels. They are prized as household pets and companion parrots. Looks like they were going for an “outdoor” theme with the greenery and the birds. That’s my guess. It creates an “outdoor” garden/patio feeling. All white theme which creates an open and airy feeling. That’s my guess for what they were striving for. It’s lovely and everything and everyone appears to Glow with it all. 🙂


    1. I agree, Jaclyn. I think the set-up looks beautiful. “Glow” is indeed the perfect word.

      And I don’t know why people are going off about the ceramic birds. Has it occurred to anyone that maybe they’re just whimsical? That there’s no deep meaning behind them? Maybe Basheir likes cockatiels. Maybe he thinks they’re cute. Maybe he thinks they’re pretty. Maybe he thinks they’re fun. I love the candles and the crystalline mesh trees. They amplify light and make the whole place shimmer.


  4. I don’t think Amal had much to do with the planning of the party… I think it was all Momma Alamuddin and that designer Basheir. It does not seem like her taste at all. The parrots were not my favorite, I think they did not fit in with the over all elegant glow of the party.. However, I am totally in love with those crystalline mesh trees, I want one maybe two !… If loving twinkling lighted trees is wrong, I don’t want to be right 🙂


  5. what a frivolous ceremony with so much fancy crap and excessive display of their filthy money.

    this couple should learn how to exercise modesty and restraint

    I am not fan of angelina jolie and brad pitt but their simple wedding is much more tasteful than this big show-off of materialistic excess.


    1. Angelina and brad are shaping a certain image. So their approuch to their wedding made the most sense in regard to that image. Their wedding might have cost less but it was subtly as “exposed” as George and amal’s. In fact i know every detail about their wedding like i know every detail about g&a’s wedding. Going back to the image point, it is extremely important to every actor. However, i think George is letting his in-laws do what they want and according to their culture. Although it is a “noble” thing, i think it is hurting his image.


  6. All great points Heidi and Lisa! In addition to that, let us all keep in mind that the Alamuddin’s were throwing this special party for their daughter. Parents want something special, unique, one-of-a-kind, different, breathtaking, etc. for their daughter. In other words, it doesn’t have to “make sense” for us. Plus if you are hiring a planner to come up with all the decor ideas, then it is only natural for them to want to do something unique and unusual for their client(s); in this case–the parents of Amal. And also, as parents, you want something a little special and unique for the guests who were arriving from all over the world. In this case, it was the specialty chocolates. I don’t know if this is product placement, as much as it is selecting something special for all to enjoy. And after all, it goes both ways…wouldn’t you feel special if your chocolatier was chosen to make over 200 special gifts for all of George & Amal’s guests?? That would be something special to share & tell everyone. 🙂


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