Very sad news. Oscar de la Renta, the worldly gentleman designer who shaped the wardrobe of socialites and Hollywood stars for more than four decades, has died. He was 82.

He created the beautiful wedding dress for Amal Clooney, the wedding of the year. Amal  loves his gorgeous creations and has been spotted often with Oscar de la Renta dresses, tops, shoes and accessoires.

15 thoughts on “OSCAR DE LA RENTA HAS DIED AT AGE 82

  1. I’m sorry I don’t understand your obsession with Amal. I assume you are being paid by her and George’s PR people to do this? Because I can’t think of another reason why you would be doing it. Because she is just not that attractive or stylish. Why not do a blog about a truly stylish AND beautiful woman like Queen Letizia of Spain, Olivia Palermo, Charlotte Casiraghi (now there’s a beautiful woman), Georgia May Jagger, Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley etc. Quite frankly Amal is not worth your effort IMO. I just wouldn’t waste your time.


      1. George’s PR people are overselling Amal and there has been a huge media backlash against her online and in social media. And even in some reputable mags – e.g. the piece in Time magazine. People are sick of her especially in the UK. Her “legal” work is supposed to be serious – not a fashion parade with her carrying gimmicky handbags. I get that Clooney’s paying for a stylist for her now and seems to have given Amal a credit card to buy luxury clothes and that they want to turn her into a celebrity lawyer. But sadly, the public do not like her. If you want to know where it all went wrong for Amal it’s simple. The 4 day multimillion dollar wedding extravaganza was overkill, too much and alienated people. But the exact moment women turned on her was when she wore that minidress in Venice when she knew she was going to be climbing into boats in front of the paparazzi, giving everyone an eyeful of what only a woman’s husband should be seeing. No self respecting professional lawyer behaves like that. No self respecting woman, period, wears a miniskirt that short in front of a hundred photographers when they are climbing into boats. That’s when Amal revealed herself to be merely an attention seeker. And that’s why women – except for the 7 or so that are on this blog – don’t like her. And sadly for Amal she can never live that moment down. She crossed the line and ceased to become a professional woman and became just another attention seeking WAG.


  2. Amal inspires me. She is her own woman and knows what hard work is. She has a deep inner strength and I think George has found someone who can run beside him. I appreciate how they got together – hugely bc of their passion for people.


  3. My dear Tracy, if you are not a fan please spawn on another blog. What is of great interest is that Amal had a life and direction/purpose before George. She is a strong woman who also happens to be attractive and stylish. Women, especially young women, need to see more role models like her. It is refreshing to see a smart strong woman who is also feminine….that is real strength and hopefully encourage others to emulate in a way that works best for their life.


  4. I too am on team Amal. It is wonderful to finally have a female news figure that is both Highly Educated, holds a real 9 to 5 job, earns her own money, is Beautiful to the eyes..does not look for celebrity status.. is Diplomatic..Presidents and Prime Ministers, Rulers and Monarchs, celebrities and dignitaries, gravitate to hear what she has to say and value her opinions and expertise. I think she is more of a role model that Oprah!
    How many other women can that be said of, that attracts, that much attention beside ex Head of State like Madeleine Albright .. Today celebrities, sell their body, family, children, marriage, all for a chance at fame.. and yes many of them are good looking also.. But when they are asked a simple intelligent question like.. what is your state capital.. many of them can’t give you correct answer without an excuse of why they don’t know the’s your home state for crying out loud.. These are the women our young girls are emulating to become??.. Fame is fleeting.. Education is real. That is sexy, powerful and no one can take it away from you.


  5. Ich teile auch Ihre Begeisterung für Amal. Sie ist intelligent, gebildet und wie Sie schreiben hat einen richtigen Job. Dabei ist sie sehr attraktiv. Ich habe bereits geschrieben dass Ihr blog super ist und ich bewundere Ihre Arbeit. Gespannt warte ich immer auf die nächsten Beiträge. Viele Grüße

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  6. I find all this vitriol interesting. And I think those who spew it are missing the point of the blog. It is FUN. Those of us who follow are interested in a beautiful and accomplished woman who makes interesting and quirky fashion choices. If you follow her you clearly see that much of her clothing pre-dates her time with Clooney and goes back several years. She also wears her clothing more than once like “real” people do. My guess is nobody is telling her what to wear, she’s perfectly capable of making her own choices and paying for them. Go dump somewhere else. No one wants you here. The rest of us are too busy having FUN!

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    1. Totally agree with Jill’s comment! Yes we are totally enjoying and having fun following this blog and exploring her fashion everyday!


  7. ….sorry, clicked something wrong!
    Anyway, the point is it is hard living life in the full glare of the media and intense public interest. I love Amal’s fashion choices and I can tell you lots of young women lawyers, my daughter included, love fashion at the same time as they work in high powered jobs saving people from the oppressive, racist etc actions of the State these days. Amal will need to be very strong indeed to follow George to the White House – the intended goal I think.


  8. I do not agree with Tracey point of view.Amal deserves all the best.She is well educated,smart,sexy ,dedicated and serious.Those ladies who are commenting negatively are jealous and may be they don’t part time job.Lady can be successful and stylish at the same time which is Amal case.Her trip to Athens was not a disaster as Tracey is claiming.She did a good job and she was welcomed.Not because she changed two outfits per day her trip was a disaster and she failed!!!!Amal was wearing luxury outfits even before she was engaged to George.
    As Lebanese-Canadian and speaking fluently 3 languages I am proud of her

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